Thursday, May 29, 2014

Before May Ends

I knowwww. You're probably thinking I'm crazy for wearing a sweater in this post. But let's just say I took these photo's a while ago, and am now finally posting it. Haha. I figured if I'm wearing a sweater, I need to post it before May ends! I LOVE a simple outfit like this! It's so comfortable, easy to wear, and is a no brainer in the morning. It's no fun when you're late to work because you took too long putting together an outfit in the morning ;P he he.

To dress it up a bit, I curled my hair (always makes my outfits fancier, I think!), added some jewels, and wore chunky heeled booties. Stripes are classic, and pink is my fave so bada bing bada boom totally Rachel outfit right here!

Thanks for reading today, lovely ladies! So happy it's Thursday already.... Two thumbs up for short weeks!
sweater: Windsor || jeans: AE || watch: Feral || booties: Sole Society
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Nikki Williams said...

love those booties!! you are too cute!


Night Chayde said...

So cute! Love the booties!


Becky M said...

That top is too cute! I always love pink and white!

Bailey B. Stewart said...

your hair is getting so long! I love it!

Lauren Cooper said...

Your hair is looking SOOOOO good in this post! I mean it always does but dang girl ;)

Dimitra Clarke said...

Love the booties and that top is way too cute. You have the sweetest smile! xx


Andrea Whitt said...

Great outfit combo! Obsessed with those booties! xo Andrea

Boho Bunnie

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