Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sushi Date Night

Hello, hello! Today I'm sharing an outfit I wore for our sushi date night a couple weekends ago. I am so incredibly happy that Justin almost loves sushi as much as I do ; ) Because, uhhh, I think I would cry if he didn't. I love being able to enjoy the deliciousness of sushi with him! It's bonding, you know. The little restaurant Justin found had so many different selections, and for the quantity/quality of the sushi, the price was so cheap. It is always exciting to find new places to eat! Man, I love food ;)

Anyways, on to my outfit. I've noticed this summer that peasant blouses are all over! It's no wonder, though, because I think they are so cute (I wore one earlier this year in THIS post). The pretty peasant blouse I'm wearing today is from Our World Boutique. I really love the contrast of the white blouse with my maroon skirt! It's comfortable, but looks a little more dressed up for a date night (as opposed to baggy tops and leggings... What I wear everyday. ha ha) 
top: c/o Our World Boutique || skirt: c/o Annie Jean Apparel || bag: Buckle c/o Coupons.com || watch: Feral Watches

I hope you all had a great long weekend! Welcome back to the week : )
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Just Add Accessories

First off-- holy September. Cannot believe it's here! Let's just say duh, I'm excited for fall, but I'm enjoying the last streak of summer before it ends!! I'm definitely sad to see it leave...

I love a good, simple outfit. I think most of you know that. But sometimes, it is fun to spice up a simple outfit! The formula? Just add accessories. Today I'm wearing a striped top with boyfriend shorts, which is cute and simple. But I loved adding a bunch of other items to complete the look! If you ever have a "plain" outfit you want to add more to, try these...

hat - they are cute, great for covering yesterday's hair, and make you look stylish!
arm candy - bracelets, of course, but don't forget watches, too! Like this pretty map watch from StyleGirl
necklace - Our World Boutique has a great collection of pretty necklaces, like this wishbone one!
purse - I HAVE to carry around a purse. I have too many trinkets I gotta drag with me to places! But who says it can't be a part of your outfit? :-)
fun shoes - shoes really can make or break an outfit. Sometimes it is okay to leave the New Balance shoes and Sketchers at home... and wear some chunky heeled booties! ;)

So there you go! Now go getcha some accessories and have fun with it! Thanks for reading & Happy Monday! xO

hat: LuLu's (similar) || necklace: c/o Our World Boutique || shirt: c/o Aeropostale || watch: c/o Stylegirl || shorts: Gap || bag: Buckle c/o Coupons.com

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Book Review - Dark Hope
-Book One of the Archangel Prophecies-

I absolutely love reading. There is nothing like crawling under some blankets and delving into a good book. When I lived at home, I would read every single night in my bed before I fell asleep. It honestly was my favorite part of the day! I loved getting into my jammies, cozying up under the covers, turning off the big lights, turning on my lamp, and letting my mind drift in another world.

To be quite honest, as much as I love modern technology, it makes me sad that my nightly book has been replaced with my iPhone instead. Instead of reading the words in a book, I'm aimlessly looking at photos of other people's lives on a tiny screen. I'm a little embarrassed, but it's easier and sounds more fun at the time.

I recently had the chance to read the book Dark Hope to review on my blog, and I absolutely loved making time in my day to read! There really is nothing like it! And before I get into it, here's a quick confession.... I love reading young adult novels. I'm not really the brightest bulb out there, so YA novels are easier for me to read, and can keep my attention on much better! In college I took an adolescent development course where one of the projects was to do a report on a YA novel. I loved that reading a fun book was one of my assignments!

Okay, now for the good stuff. Dark Hope by Monica McGurk is the story of Hope Carmichael, a girl who was mysteriously saved from child abduction when she was very young. Now she is 15/16, and secrets of her unknown past become unfolded as she connects with Michael Boyd. Michael, who may come off as a regular teenager at school, is actually an angel who has been saving people in danger for ages. Together they learn of Hope's past, and its obscure connection to the underground human trafficking world. There is a prophecy from Heaven that must be fulfilled, and it is up to Hope to do so!

Obviously I don't want to give anything away, but here is my take on it! I'll be straight up, I have never been interested in "angels and demons" type of books. But once I started Dark Hope, I couldn't stop. The author writes in such captivating detail that I felt very much in the story. I love it when authors can do that! It makes the book so much more interesting to read. The novel was almost 400 pages long, but I finished it in no time.

The book really gets you thinking of a lot of different topics: good, evil, marriage, human rights, religion, and so much more. It was a combination of topics that I usually don't get when reading novels for fun, so it was refreshing to get to read this!

Unfortunately, this was book ONE of the Archangel Prophecies trilogy.... so of course it ended on a cliff hanger! ARRGH! ;) I need to know what happens next!!
I LOVE cozying up to a book! And eating my favorite snack whilst reading ;)
If you enjoy YA novels, or have a teenager yourself, this would be a great read for you/them. Monica McGurk includes a set of discussion questions at the end, which I think would be a great tool for if you have teenagers! I think it is important for young men and women to know the seriousness of things that happen in this book, especially child abduction and human trafficking. This is a great way to raise awareness!

Be sure to follow Monica McGurk on her social media to keep up on the latest! Twitter || Facebook || Pinterest 
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