Thursday, July 24, 2014

Justin & Rachel in Tokyo: Part Two

After a day at the Tokyo Skytree (read here), we made a quick trip to Asakusa which was fairly close by. Asakusa is famous for its Buddhist temples, and is also well known for its strip of traditional Japanese souvenir shopping. They sell neat things like traditional Japanese toys, lots of sweet treats, chopsticks, fans, traditional Japanese clothes, and so on :)
... let him take a selfie...

The next day was quite tricky. We had tickets to Tokyo Disneyland, but we were gambling with the weather. The first few days we were in Tokyo, it was rainy. I was so sad about this! I didn't want my short trip to be ruined by the weather. After much debate, we decided to go to Disneyland on Tuesday. This turned out quite perfectly, since it was cloudy, but it didn't rain!!! I was so happy. I'm also glad we chose this day because the rest of the week was blazin' hot. And hot + humid is NOT FUN at all! Anyways, we had a great time:) It's funny because I've been to Disneyland several times, but only in Tokyo! I don't even mind. I wish I had more photos, but obviously we were having too much fun on the rides ;) Also, my feet HURT SO BAD at the end of the day! We did so much walking and standing in line. But it was worth it. The best part of Tokyo Disney is that a majority of the guests dress up like crazy! It is so fun to be around. It's a big trend right now for couples/groups of friends to dress exactly the same. The groups of girlfriends we saw even had the same hairstyle, socks, etc.... The energy is a blast to be around.
aren't our Monsters, Inc. shirts too cute? We got them from Uniqlo : ) 
love the girl with her peace signs in the back
don't judge me. Also, I feel bad covering up the girl behind me oops

The next day we stopped by the Tokyo Edo Museum. The Edo period was a few hundred years ago, and was a time period of rich history. I had been here before, so it was fun to take Justin. They had little displays of where the emperor lived, the villages, and so on. The details were crazy.
they had binoculars so you could see the details of the little Japanese people:)
Unfortunately the jet lag really kicked in, and this happened:
Justin on my lap, then my brother and sister passed out behind him. 
We sat like this while my parents looked around for another hour.
Good thing I found random wifi. lolz
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maxi-- Yet Again

Another day, another maxi dress. At least, that's how it feels around here ;) I've been trying to update all my labels, and since I frequent maxi dress/skirts, I thought it would be appropriate to have a "maxi dress" label. So if you want to see more maxi styles on my blog, click here

I love this maxi I'm wearing because it's so unique! It's a wrap-around dress. So you put it on like a robe, do some crazy things with the strings, and voila you've got your dress on! haha. I also LOVE the shape of the dress and the pattern! Since it's black and white, I decided to pair the dress with some bright blue heels from Prima Donna. Perfect touch of color, I'd say.
dress: LuLu's || heels: c/o Prima Donna

Thanks for reading today! You guys are the best. XOXO
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Green & Blue

I love a good "earthy" outfit. The combination of this olive green vest + light blue tee is one I wouldn't have normally paired together, but I decided to anyways and loved the look of it! Throw in a cute dream catcher, comfy leggings, and my favorite sandals and I'm set for a relaxed yet put together outfit.

Also, I love how the coloring of these photos turned out! It had just rained some when we went out to take these, and the trees were so vibrant. Also, Justin was happy with the quick three minute photo snappage. Ha ha ha.

I've been wearing a lotttt of big loose tees/leggings or skinny jeans combination. Sorry to be so repetitive, te he he.
vest: JC Penney || top: c/o apparel n bags || leggings: F21 || sandals: Madewell

Thanks for reading! Have a great Tuesday:)
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