Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I Wear What I Want feat. TOBI

One of the main things I love about personal style is that I can be free to break whatever rules or norms that might exist. I'm collaborating with TOBI again (see earlier collabs here and here, and Monday's post here), and their unique clothes make me want to try styles and trends that I haven't before.

This pretty dress is actually a SWIMSUIT COVER UP. Do I care that it's "supposed" to be worn over a swimsuit? Nope. I absolutely loved the fun diamond pattern on it, so I decided to wear it as a dress. I wore this around while traveling in Japan. Adding this darling hat completes the look!

Also, can I just say how happy I am that 90's trends are back? I was born in 1991, so a lot of good memories come from that decade. I remember wearing choker necklaces in second and third grade haha. Luckily this day and age offers way cuter choker necklace styles, so that I'm not embarrassed to bring back this 90's craze. Although, I do tend to wear it a bit looser because it makes me feel almost claustrophobic when something is too tight around my neck... heh.

hat, dress: c/o TOBI || choker: c/o SammyDress || backpack: Target || clogs: Lucky Brand
Thank you for reading today! HAPPY HUMP DAY! xo
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Maskcara Beauty

This post is sponsored by Maskcara Beauty, all opinions are my own.

When it comes to beauty............. I don't know much. I don't have a fancy routine, I don't KNOW how to blend like a pro, and I need the steps to be simple.

If you guys are into the blog world, especially with fashion and beauty, you've most likely heard of Maskcara Beauty. Cara, beauty guru, created her own amazing line of makeup that's easy to use - perfect for someone like me who needs a little guidance, haha!

From the moment I opened up my package, it was magic. Her branding and packaging is absolutely gorgeous! Even the box itself that the products got shipped in was customized inside. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.

Maskcara Beauty is so good about giving you step by step instructions of how to highlight and contour (HAC). Her video on her site is also super helpful, too!

HAC is something I've been exploring over the last few months. I have a round face, so being able to to create a more slimming, defined face is amazing to me! Maskcara Beauty's palette is so cute. The palette holds her IIID Foundation - contour, highlight, blush, and illuminator. They fit in the palette magnetically, so you can swap out colors whenever you want! Genius.

Thanks to her instructions and video, I am able to HAC away hehe

The blush can also be used on your lips!!!

blend it all in

It's been fun to play around with this set for the last week! 

With Maskcara Beauty's variety of colors and products, there's so much to choose from to create a beautifully enhanced you in the easiest way!
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Monday, August 29, 2016

Floral Fashion... Part Three

Sooo.. I just realized that on Thursday AND Friday I posted dresses that are darker colors with a floral print on it. And today I have another similar outfit. Oops!! 
The thing I love about these three dresses is that they're all so different, so I don't feel bad posting them back to back on the blog ;) 
This gorgeous dress is from TOBI. Tobi has a huge selection of other pretty floral dresses as well as maxi dresses. They also have cute tops and accessories, too, which I'll be featuring in a couple posts in the near future :) And bonus - get 50% off your first purchase by signing up for their email list!
Back to this dress! I can't get enough of these GORGEOUS sleeves!! Eek! I'm a sucker for pretty sleeves. I love the navy blue color, I'll definitely be wearing this dress into the fall <3

hat: LuLu's || dress: c/o TOBI

Thanks for reading today, happy MONDAY! xO
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