Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Dress I Finally Wore Since Buying It A Year Ago...

Since I haven't been active in blogging lately I've decided to extend the FragranceNet giveaway!! Enter HERE until Sunday night!

Whew. Long blog post title, sorry! And hiiii, long time no see ;) Life has been a bit crazy the past couple weeks with work being busy, upholding my commitment to the gym, keeping up on my tv shows (LOL), and spending time with family. I also needed to step away from the blog to regain some creative juices! It's not easy to pump out new content on the daily, so props to those of you who do!!

It's now been three years since I've had my own sewing machine, and while I don't really create my own products, I have found a love to recreate clothes for me to wear! I LOVE finding an article of clothing with wear potential, then fixing it up to fit me better. Take this dress I'm wearing for example-- it's pretty, but there were a lot of things "wrong" with it that I had to fix before wearing it. It took me a year since buying it to finally be able to wear it! I'm so slow at my projects, haha.

This dress is originally from Forever21 (SUPER similar here!). Here is what I had to fix:
1. The length. Being a shortie, it's usually my #1 issue with maxi skirts/dresses and pants. So I hemmed it.
2. The bodice. This is a more flowy dress, but it was still a little large on me, so I took it in.
3. The sleeves. This dress originally had an elastic band on the sleeves and almost hit my wrists. I HATE elastic sleeves!!!! They feel so restricting on me and look unflattering in my opinion. Those had to go!
4. Slits. This dress had to long slits up the front of the dress (kind of like this skirt from GoJane or this skirt from Addition Elle, a plus size retailer). I sewed them together. Luckily the pattern on this dress is busy enough that it's hard to tell ;) 
5. SEE THROUGH-NESS. This dress is sheer, so I had to order a long black slip and sew it underneath. Then I just wore a black shade shirt up top!  

It's sad that it took me a year to do those five things, but better late than never, right ? ;) I'm glad I was finally able to wear it! For a simpler look, I styled it with sandals and my classy Daniel Wellington watch that I love! Be sure to use the code rachelsayumi for 15% off your purchase on their site until May 31st!!

dress: Forever21 || watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

Thanks so much for reading!! XO
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring Scents with + GIVEAWAY!

With a new season among us, I'm sure a lot of us are "spring-ifying" our lives! From taking warmer weather clothes out of storage to changing up our makeup routine to deep cleaning our homes, it's a season of change!

If you're looking to change and freshen up your beauty routine for this season, consider finding yourself a new signature scent. It will make you feel fresh and ready for spring! has an amazing variety of fragrances that you will just love. They have a huge selection of different perfumes and colognes, so there is something for everyone. I know Mother's Day is super soon, and if you were a slacker this year and still need a gift, find your mom a new perfume! Or maybe you are thinking ahead to Father's Day? Find your dad a cologne! To make things even better... They offer the best prices around. Your wallet will be thanking you! ;)

Justin added a new bottle of Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren to his fragrance collection. It has a warm and inviting scent. It has a natural blend of geranium, melon, patchouli, and amber which produces a very masculine and alluring scent. This scent is basically the definition of dapper!

I recently added a new fragrance to my collection as well-- Chloé New by Chloé. A few weeks ago I purchased some makeup, and my order came with different fragrance samples. This was one of them, and I instantly fell in love! It's a very chic, casual, but mature scent. It has a moderate and flowery tone. It blends notes of rose and magnolia with amber, lily, and has a cedar wood base. Whenever I wear it, I feel like royalty!

Today I've teamed up with to host a giveaway! TWO lucky readers will each win $50 to! This giveaway will run for ONE week. Goooood luck! Happy Friday! xo

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Primary Colors, Once Again!

Hello hello, lovely ladies! I hope you have all been having a nice week! Unfortunately on Wednesday I kept thinking it was Thursday, so I was super excited it was almost the weekend, haha. But hey, now we just have a day and a half until the weekend...!!

I remember when I first started blogging back in 2011, there were a few huge trends. Pattern mixing, thrifted clothes, and crazy color combinations. I had always thought that red, yellow, and blue were a little too "Fisher-Price"y/clownish and steered clear of it. But I remember the first time I saw a blogger wear primary colors together, my mind. was. BLOWN. I didn't realize those three colors in one outfit could look cute! Since then, I've worn this color combo plenty of times!

red hat // yellow dress // blue purse

Let's take a little throwback Thursday, shall we?

HAHA aww vintage Rachel Sayumi. As you can see, lots of pattern mixing! And thrifting. My shirt on the left and skirt (which was actually a shirt to begin with) were thrifted. I sure do miss the good old days of blogging... before the J Crew bubble necklace and Valentino Rockstud trend. ugh

Anyways, enough reminiscing. Wearing red, yellow, and blue together is fun, and just because it's not 2011 anymore doesn't mean I won't keep wearing the color combo ;)

hat, sandals: LuLu's || vest: JC Penney || dress, purse: Asos 

Thank you for reading today!! Have a happy Thursday. xo
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