Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hanging on to Summer

I honestly cannot believe that summer 2014 is coming to an end. It actually hurts my heart! I LOVE the summertime. I am ALWAYS cold, so the winters are quite hard for me. Sigh. Although, I am excited to see what fall will look like in Oregon. There are tons of trees here, and I'm hoping a lot of them turn red and orange : ) Buuut, I am still hanging on to summer by wearing a cutesy anchor necklace and a breezy, flowy white skirt. They are both from Our World Boutique. They have lots of other beautiful skirts and necklace (and of course other pretty things!) and you won't be able to stay away!

Anyways, to summer 2014. You were a good one. Work, blogging, a trip to Japan, a trip to Boise, more work, blogger meet-ups, playing with little kids, swimming, and moving. It was quite a summer!

hat: LuLu's (similar) || top: c/o Aeropostale || necklace, skirt: c/o Our World Boutique || bag: Buckle c/o Coupons.com

Thank you for reading today!! I hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer! XO
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Be Rewarded for Healthy Life Choices! With Walgreens

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BalanceRewards #CollectiveBias

While I'm no health guru, it is still very important to me that I make healthy choices on a daily basis. I've shared on my social media how I had gained weight after I got married, and I'm doing my best to get back to where I was before. I do my best to eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, brush my teeth, etc. I'm sure several of you guys do the same! Well, what if I told you that you could be rewarded for doing thing you already do?! Sound too good to be true? Well, it IS true. : ) Keep reading to learn more...

Walgreens has a program that is easy and free to sign up for-- their Balance Rewards program. You earn points every time you purchase something at Walgreens. When your points add up, you can trade them in for credit that goes towards your purchase! I have saved on purchases multiple times by redeeming my points for credit. I love it!
But wait-- there is another way you can earn points. The Walgreens app has a new program called the healthy choices program! As you can see on the photo below to the very right, you can record your daily activities. FOR BALANCE REWARD POINTS! How cool is that? It encourages me to get moving more! I've been making it a habit to definitely record my sleep and weight each morning, because it's just that easy to earn some points. So all you need to do is live healthily...

...and Walgreens will reward YOU for living a healthier life! It's truly a no brainer-- you must download their app and start earning points, stat! Last week Justin and I went on a walk with some friends, and you better believe I recorded that!

Before are some healthy choices used for a day in the life of Rachel Sayumi.
Water-- I drink so much every day. The nectar of life, really.
Low calorie carbonated drinks-- for when I'm a little tired of just plain water
My most favorite granola bars-- Love this kind!
Cashews-- a healthier snack than, let's say, Oreos.
Gum-- to help me get over my sudden urges to eat sweets
Vitamins-- especially C to keep up my wellness, and to keep the sick away.

((and I didn't realize this until I got home from Walgreens, but they all color coordinate. How cute))
healthy choices can be found allllll throughout the store! 

I definitely encourage all of you to register and start tracking your progress with me! You can connect on your phone through the app, or through other health devices (and check out this page here to see how you can earn other points as well). It will motivate you to make healthy choices, and of course you can earn points to go towards your goodies at Walgreens! Tackling health goals is now a win win for everyone.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Head & Shoulders Fresh Scent Technology
Product Review

Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner is a product I've known and loved for a while. When I lived at home, my little brothers had Head & Shoulders, and I would sneak a couple squeezes of product from them before I would take my own shower. I loved the way it made my hair feel! I also loved how it felt on my scalp and face, it made them feel soft and moisturized.

Head & Shoulders recently came out with their Fresh Scent Technology Collection. Justin actually currently used this line as well, so I have been a lover of it for a while! Head & Shoulders is using a new breakthrough formula to leave you with 100% flake-free hair that smells wonderful for an improved in-shower scent experience.

I received the green apple shampoo and conditioner, and I had a magical wash! The scent filled up the shower, and left my locks smelling delicious and fresh, even at the end of the day.
after a wash with Head & Shoulders shampoo + conditioner. My hair feels super soft, and smells amaaazing.
After straightening the ends
whip it real good.

With my bangs, I don't really have a very big part, but it is still important for me to make sure I don't have little flakies in my bangs (it would be especially obvious!). Head & Shoulders is having a sweepstakes for you to win the chance to meet Sofia Vergara! The Vegaras have been using Head & Shoulders for over 20 years because of the product's great benefits. You can become #PartOfOurFamily and meet Sofia at an upcoming Head & Shoulders advertising shoot by following @HeadShoulders on Twitter, then post a photo of your gorgeous, flake-free hair with the hashtags #PartOfOurFamily and #sweeps, and tag @HeadShoulders.  For more details read the sweepstake rules HERE! The sweepstakes started on August 18th and will run until September 8th!

Be sure to enter for this amazing opportunity, and pick up some Head & Shoulders products for yourself for soft, flake-free, and great smelling hair. Happy hair days!
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