Sunday, April 29, 2018

Burst of Spring with Wayfair

SPRING is in full bloom and I am loving every second! There are so many beautiful blossoms everywhere I look and I cannot get enough. I've been taking walks during my lunch breaks, and I even stop off from time to time to actually smell the flowers. HAHA I'm sure people who see me might think I'm a tad strange, but I don't care. I am soaking in the sun rays and the sweet scents of flowers.

I love having fresh flowers in my home. I don't get them as often as I'd like, but when I do.. I really enjoy the color and life it brings to my space! Wayfair has so many darling vases you can use to complement any floral arrangement you treat yourself with. With this colorful bouquet, I used a simple white pitcher! Some of my other favorites from their site are thesethis unique one, and this one!

Be sure to stop by Wayfair for more ideas of how to add burst of spring into your home! 

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Bring the Beach with Wayfair

The last few days here have been sunny, and almost warm. High 50s/low 60s. During my lunch break I've been sitting outside (in a light jacket;) to enjoy the sunshine. I didn't realize how much I have truly MISSED warmer weather! I'm a summer girl at heart, and I can't wait for the heat! It definitely makes me want to take a beach vacation. But since I don't have any plans for that anytime soon, I need to bring the beach to ME. Wayfair has some great beach themed products that will bring a piece of that sunshiney beach to you! Keep reading to see my favorite picks from them.
I absolutely love virgin piña coladas, so I attempted to make one at home! It was definitely a trial and error process, but I know they'll keep getting better and better as I make them now ;) 

Ingredients include:
frozen pineapple chunks
crushed ice
coconut milk or coconut water
heavy whipping cream
(what I wish I would have gotten also: pineapple juice)

I first blended some coconut water and frozen pineapple together

Then I added a little bit of whipping cream and crushed ice

Taste test and see if you want to add more of anything (I love a strong pineapple flavor so I added more)

And there you go! It came out a little thicker than I liked, so next time I'm definitely getting some pineapple juice so I can add it to thin it out a bit. The taste was yummy though!! Takes me right back to the beaches in Mexico...

Below are some cute beach inspired products from Wayfair that'll bring the beach to your home! I love the top left glasses, they remind me of pineapples. And the glasses on the bottom right remind me of sparkling sand. Get me somewhere warm already!

one || two || three
four || five || six
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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Guest Post:
Home Decor - Accents that Every Home Needs

Today we've got a guest post with Clarissa Caouette! I've been SUPER into home decor lately, and I love what Clarissa has to say! :) 

Home Decor: Accents that Every Home Needs

Accents are what take your room to the next level. They are those little details that make a room come alive. Let's look at a few easy options to add to your home.

Window Treatments
Whether your home has a ton of windows or just a few, they all need some sort of window treatment. The only windows that may not need anything are small round or hexagonal windows. There are still options for round windows, though.

A valance is perfect for areas where you don't want long drapes, think a window over a kitchen sink or in an office. A valance is a good way to decorate that window while leaving it practical.  

For other windows you can use treatments that are longer. If you want to keep a lot of natural light, opt for sheer curtains. If you have a large room, this is a great time to add bold colors and patterns. For a really dramatic look, pair floor length curtains with a valance.

Rugs are a great way to add style to a room. Don’t be afraid to add vividly colored rugs. If you have light colored walls, go with a bright bold color, like red or royal blue. If you have bright colored walls, you can choose a light colored rug, even white.

When you picture a rug, you may think square or rectangle, but it doesn't have to be. In some areas, a round or oval rug may look better.

Lighting can be a powerful accent, but is often overlooked. Have you ever walked into a room with an Edison light bulb? Did you immediately notice it? Yes, you did. It has an interesting, warm glow.

Have you ever walked into a room and were drawn to the beautiful chandelier? Yes. This is a great way to add beauty and style to a room. Accents do not have to be limited to the floor or tabletop. You can add big accents to the room just from the ceiling alone.

Floral Pieces
Flowers are a great way to add color to the room. If you have a table near the entrance, a bouquet of flowers looks nice there. If you have a large foyer with tall ceilings, choose a tall vase with a tall arrangement.

For smaller areas, like a half bath with a pedestal sink, you can add a small vase with only one flower in it. You will be surprised how much that one flower will impact the room.

For average size rooms, play with the different styles. Try large and small arrangements. This flowers can add color to a room or even soften the look, make the room feel more cozy.

Accent pieces are a great way to show off your personality in the room. Have fun with this. Don't be afraid to choose bold colors.