Sunday, September 21, 2014

[Affordable] Anniversary Celebration Style with TJ Maxx

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I cannot believe that tomorrow will mark TWO YEARS since Justin and I got married. Really, where does the time go?! This year for our anniversary, we are keeping it low key. With Justin in law school and me currently on the job hunt, we knew it wasn't in our budget to go out and do something too extravagant. Instead, we are opting for a chill evening of going out to dinner, and spending time together (which can be hard do with Justin's homework load!). I wanted to find something fun to wear for our special day-- something that was pretty enough for a special occasion but not too fancy so that I could wear it again and again in the future. And most importantly, I wanted something that wouldn't break the bank. Lucky for me, we have a great TJ Maxx very close to our apartment. TJ Maxx is somewhere that I have loved since I was young, and my shopping trip to find an anniversary outfit did NOT disappoint!
I'm not even ashamed to admit that I spent over an hour looking for an outfit. I could browse their aisles for a longgg time. I picked out about 6 different items, and seriously loved them all! TJ Maxx has such a wide variety of clothing that it was hard to make up my mind on what I wanted. Everything I tried on was so cute! I was debating between a cute top and this beautiful flowy dress. I liked the dress more, and when I looked at the price tag I was shocked! It was SO affordable! That dress was a total winner. The bohemian vibes of the dress just ticked my heartstrings. 

Because the dress was much better price than I expected, I didn't feel guilty for finding it a companion. TJ Maxx also has a GREAT purse selection. I never fail to check it out when I swing by one of their stores! I found this simple yet lovely gray purse that complemented the dress perfectly. The best part of the purse is that you can take off the chain strap and use it as a clutch! Of course I would have a wonderful anniversary with Justin no matter what I wore, but what girl doesn't want to gussy up for the most special day of the year?!
The dresses section is AMAZING, in case you were wondering :) 
I LOVE the gray with the deep blue. Such a chic combination!

I brought the two lovelies home and used accessories I already had to really doll up my look. Obviously I had to try this look out before officially wearing it on our anniversary date ;-) I love that although my dress and necklace combination are a little wild, adding the solid colored hat, purse, and heels helped to balance out the overall outfit!
Seriously obsessed with the sleeves on this dress!
Funny story: A few ladies in the store right next to where we took these photos started clapping for me and waving at us. 
It was slightly awkward/cute/funny/all of the above.
With TJ Maxx's affordable prices and amazing selection of styles, it is easily a go-to destination for finding outfits for celebration of any kind! Whether you have a girl's night out coming up, a birthday party, or an anniversary celebration like me, TJ Maxx has got you covered. If you're going to celebrate, celebrate in style!.... affordably! :-)post signature

Friday, September 19, 2014

Quick & Healthy Snacking with Skinnygirl Popcorn

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As I've been on my little health journey (read more here), the main focus has been FOOD. I'm not the best at exercising, but I have seen some amazing results just by changing the way and the things I eat. It hasn't been easy, but the "after" has been SO worth it! While eating healthy meals hasn't been too bad (I'm a huuuge foodie), finding healthy snacks to help satisfy the afternoon munchies has been quite difficult. I LOVE snacking, but most "snacky" foods are empty calories, or have a ton of sugar and artificial ingredients in a single serving. Not good! Lucky, there is a new product that hit the shelves at Walmart-- Skinnygirl popcorn. 

Skinnygirl popcorn isn't your average popcorn... it's above average. There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. There is no high fructose corn syrup, and the product offers at least a 20% calorie savings compared to its competitors. Its better ingredients make it so much much healthier than your old run of the mill popcorn. Skinnygirl also has yummy flavor profiles. It is only 25 calories per cup popped-- now that's something to feel good about. I love that they come in "mini bags" to provide just the right amount of product. No more overeating!

This is great news for me, since I LOVE popcorn. Well, it used to be a love-hate relationship. I love it so much that I could not stay away from it at the movie theater, or at home when watching TV or a movie. It's just such a yummy snack! The more butter and salt, the better. But I did NOT love what it was doing to my thighs and tummy.... Luckily, I can have a love-love relationship with popcorn again, thanks to Skinnygirl and their new line of low calorie popcorn! I loved this new brand so much that I don't miss the old greaseball popcorn at all!

Today I want to share a quick, easy, and healthy snack idea for you, using Skinnygirl popcorn. It's another option for when you want something a little more than just popcorn. It's a trail mix, and it includes all my favorite healthy snacks! 
I tried two of their flavors-- Butter & Sea Salt, and Lime & Salt. Love them both!
For my favorite combination, you will need:
+Skinnygirl popcorn, Butter & Sea Salt flavor
+Chocolate Covered Craisins 
First off, pop the popcorn! All it needs is a quick minute to minute and a half.
Then... combine all your goodies together with the Skinnygirl popcorn! I actually found some granola in our cupboard, and decided to throw that in as well. That's the beauty of trail mix-- you add whatever you fancy! For example, you could do craisins and chocolate chips instead of chocolate covered chips. Or you could add raisins instead. Or peanuts! Throw together your favorites to make your very own creation.
Enjoy with a refreshing glass of H2O!

Skinnygirl is more than a brand-- it's all about being chic and stylish. A Skinnygirl is a multi-tasker. She is busy and active, yet knows the importance of finding healthy and great tasting solutions! This is a great snack for at home, a little something to munch on with some girl friends, or a great treat on-the-go. I put some of my trail mix in baggies to eat later, or to take it with me when I'm out and about. I thought the popcorn was delicious. The flavors weren't overpowering. They were light, yet flavorful. I felt very satisfied! Movie theaters need to start selling this stuff ;)
I LOVE the sweet and salty combination! So yummy.
find Skinnygirl popcorn at your local Walmart!
Making little but healthy changes in my snacking has me happier and feeling more confident throughout my day. What are your favorite trail mix combinations? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to try it out! And be sure to head on over to Walmart to get yourself some Skinnygirl popcorn for your next guilt-free treat!
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

J. Crew Gingham For Autumn

Today I'm styling this classic J. Crew Gingham Shirt for the autumn season. This look is actually a little cliche... I have seen variations of it on Pinterest over and over! Lucky for me, I already had similar pieces in my closet so I was able to recreate it for myself :-)

I seriously love this look. It's layered, it's classic, it's fun, and it is perfect for fall. Cliche cliche cliche, but hey it's a good cliche ;)
vest: JC Penney || shirt: J Crew Factory || jeans: AE || booties: c/o Sole Society

Thank you so much for reading today!! Have the best day ever.
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