Friday, August 28, 2015

Cruisin' with LuLu's: Roman Goddess

Hellooooo, Friday. I have never looked forward to a Friday as much as I have today. Justin started his second year of law school on Monday, and it has been a doozy of a week. I haven't seen him much, and it's been crazy! Can't believe another school year is here. This year he's doing school, working 20 hours a week, and he's on the law review... plus homework on top of that. So yeah, year one seemed like a piece of cake compared to this! But he's such a hard worker, I am so proud of everything he has accomplished so far. 

Today I'm sharing another cruise outfit! When Justin saw me in this outfit, he told me I looked like a roman goddess. That made me super happy inside... because who doesn't want to be Venus, right? ;)  

White clothing is a weakness of mine. I have quite a few white tops and dresses, and can't get enough! This dress was perfect to wear over a swimsuit, and made me feel very fancy ;) This leaf necklace really added that "roman" touch to my outfit. I toned down the dressiness with some tan sandals. LuLu's has the best clothing, cutest accessories, and awesome shoes-- I loved this outfit combination!

dress, necklace, sandals: c/o LuLu's

Thank you so much for reading this week! Have a wonderful weekend! xo
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How We Wore It: Earth Tones

Good morning, lovelies! I'm so excited today to be participating in my second round of "How We Wore It" series hosted by Brooke. It's so fun to be inspired by other bloggers and recreating outfits similar to theirs. I love my outfit today because the olive green pants gets me excited for the fall season! It's been a while since I've worn my favorite pair of fall booties, and I can't wait to make them a regular part of my week again ;)

Today's outfit inspiration was taken from Julia of Gal Meets Glam. She is a stunning fashion blogger based in California. While I don't think I could ever afford the things she buys, HAHA, I love getting inspired by her outfits!

In her outfit, I loved how she wore a cream colored top that's busy with a simple pair of green shorts. I actually also have green shorts similar to hers, but the cream colored top I wanted to wear was too long and didn't look good proportionally. So I decided to wear my olive green pants instead. I love the earth tones Julia is wearing, and had to keep with the same color scheme!

Justin was making fun of my blogger poses right before he snapped this photo, and caught me mid laugh

hat: LuLu's || shirt: c/o Stella B Boutique || pants: American Eagle || shoes: Sam Edelman

Thanks for reading today! Be sure to check out how these other bloggers recreated todays' outfit! xo

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cruisin' with LuLu's: Floral Romper

On the first day of our cruise (a Sunday), we had an "at sea" day where the ship just traveled the ocean blue to our first port. It was so fun to explore the ship, hang out with family, eat lots of FOOD, swim, and soak up the sun. The weather was beautiful and got pretty dang hot. I loved wearing this cute romper from LuLu's as a swimsuit coverup! LuLu's has the best clothes for any season and all occasions. I'm not much of a romper girl, but I love wearing it over a swimsuit because it's just one piece of clothing I have to keep track of while I swim, rather than worrying about a top and bottoms ;)  

The necklace I'm wearing is currently sold out, but they're getting more in stock in the next month so be sure to sign up for the alert! I LOVE this necklace so much-- it's so simple, but it's a great accessory. I wore it with my swimsuits, and it added that extra oomph to my overall look.

Another "accessory" I wore during our cruise were flash tattoos. Haha I love them so much! They are so fun! If they were permanent, I'd be in big trouble because I would want five or six of them ;) 

hat, romper, necklace, sandals: c/o LuLu's

Thanks for reading today! Have the best Tuesday. xo
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