Sunday, November 23, 2014


When your 23rd birthday falls on the 23rd, I think it's socially acceptable to wear a gold sequin skirt and buy gold balloons. ;)

I LOVED being 22. I graduated college, got my first big girl job, I traveled near and far (Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Japan, and Oregon), I grew my blog, I made new friends, I got my second big girl job, and just loved life! I loved being 22 so much that I actually dreaded turning 23. HAHA! But hey, it's my golden birthday, so I'm hoping for a golden year ;) Not that every year hasn't been golden. I feel extremely blessed to live the life I have!

In honor of 23 years, I thought I'd share 23 things I've learned so far (in no particular order of importance). And of course, share some photos in my golden birthday outfit ;) Thank you for all of your love and support! XO

1. Laughing with the people you love is one of the best feelings in the world.
2. Be kind. Always.
3. Good food = good times.
4. Being organized brings peace of mind.
5. Family IS everything.
6. Making a few top notch quality friends > making a ton of semi good friends.
7. It's okay to have a few nice things. It is not okay to flaunt it 24/7.
8. It seems as if those you judge always do something nice later on to make you regret your judgement. 
9. Having insurance is very important.
10. Cats are awesome.
11. Sometimes taking a personal day is VERY necessary.
12. Leggings are my favorite wardrobe item.
13. Justin and I were definitely meant to find each other. He completes me.
14. Driving around with good music on is relaxing.
15. Finding shoes that fit my feet will probably be a lifetime struggle.
16. My siblings are all taller, smarter, and more obedient than me. ;) sorry, mom.
17. My dad is the smartest and nicest person I know.
18. My mom's cooking is the best. And she is hilarious.
19. It's important to learn from your past, and use it to make a brighter future.
20. Japan is very near and dear to my heart.
21. I'm obsessed with shaving my legs and painting my nails.
22. Getting enough sleep can make the world of a difference in your day.
23. God is good.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Glamour Dolls Makeup

Finding new brands of makeup is something I absolutely love. I love trying out new products, and sharing my thoughts with others! I'm so excited to share the Glamour Dolls makeup collection with you guys. The brand was inspired by celebrity makeup artist Jessica Romano. After sharing her talents on two successful seasons of Glam Fairy on Style Network, she decided to take her passion to the next level and create makeup! She decided to create the Glamour Dolls line, a makeup line that is both adorable and affordable (which also happens to be my blog motto-- ha!)

I didn't look at product specifics until after I tried out the line. I absolutely love how buttery soft the lip colors and glosses apply! After I had already fallen in love with the products, I found out that lipsticks are $2.99, lip glosses are $3.99, and they even offer mascara for $4.99. I was SHOCKED! I am obsessed with the line, especially the lip products. I had NO idea they were that affordable!! I'm being 100% honest when I say this-- I have two lipsticks from MAC, and I like these better. 

"Juicy Melons" lip stick
Wildflower lip gloss
Dolls Gone Wild lipstick
My favorite lip gloss-- "naked banana" lol 
The different lip colors I got to try out! Love them all!

If you're looking for fun, AFFORDABLE, and great quality makeup, be sure to check out Glamour Dolls! Kiss kiss!
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Pinterest Inspired Edgy

As soon as I saw this outfit on Pinterest, I knew that I had to recreate it. I loved the edgy yet comfy look of it. I loved using items I already had to make this outfit (with the exception of the cardigan, which is new and was only $12.... I've been holding to an H&M gift card since my birthday last year, and I FINALLY used it! HAHA!). Edgy isn't really a style that I wear a lot, but it's fun to step outside of my fashion comfort zone from time to time :)

Also, we puppy-sat for one of Justin's classmates a few weekends ago. While it was hard work (I've never owned a dog before!), my favorite part was taking him on walks! It was a great excuse to get outside, and of course, wear out the puppy so he'd take a nap later ;-) ...and also to make sure he didn't potty in our apartment, which may or may not have happened... lol
hat, cardigan: H&M || shirt, necklace: LuLu's || leggings: Windsor || boots: Steve Madden

Thank you for reading this week! Have an AMAZING weekend!!!
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