Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Minimalistic Holiday with Wayfair + GIVEAWAY! [CLOSED]

Now that Thanksgiving has past, it's time to focus on CHRISTMAS! December always seems to fly by with getting ready for the holiday, spending time with family, and connecting with friends.

I love decorating for the holidays, and over the last couple years I've been drawn to simple, minimalistic styles. When we were in our apartment in Oregon, I had all sorts of decorations up, but as the end of our time drew near I much preferred blank walls, straight lines, and less clutter. I ended up selling so many things, from rugs to random decor to bookshelves!

Because of the holiday hustle and bustle, I want to be better at simplifying my life toward the end of the year so I can focus on the true meaning of the holiday rather than getting caught up in the materialistic/commercialized aspect of it all (while it IS super fun). To some it may seem "boring", but to me it helps clear my head and calms my nerves. That way I can focus more on traditions I love and grew up with, like driving around and seeing lights while drinking hot cocoa, going outdoor ice skating, etc!
Wayfair has some amazing Christmas items for any style! I especially love their simple designs. Check out some of my favorites below!
one // two // three
four // five // six

winner is Meg Arnold!!!
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