Thursday, October 5, 2017

What You Want for Less with Wikibuy

Lately I have been on a huge home decor kick - I can't get enough of simple and clean designs, and I am just craving decorating my own space after our move to Idaho.
Being raised by very thrifty parents, whenever I am about to buy something, my mindset goes to "how can I get this for less?" 

I love using coupons, waiting until a sale, and using websites that help me save. Wikibuy is a company that offers a three prong approach to saving you money on everyday items. There is even a Chrome extension that finds lower prices from other sellers while you shop on Amazon - it will also check to see where else the product is being sold and its price for each! 

You can also search for products directly on Wikibuy which wills how you all the places the item is being sold, and for how much. The extension also tests coupon codes automatically at checkout and will find online rebates from participating sellers.

To find pretty decor items, of course I love shopping at Target! I found some great coupons on Wikibuy when I was looking around. I used a 15% off coupon to be able to get the gorgeous lamp and photo frame below for under $75!
Stop by Wikibuy and see what you can get for less!
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