Thursday, July 27, 2017

Happy Hydration with vitaminwater

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Summer is in full swing, and I am loving it. When I'm not at work, I enjoy being outside riding my bike, swimming, and trying new things like paddle boarding! One thing I know about the summer is that it makes me THIRSTY like none other. Hydration is really important to me - I believe it keeps me from getting sick, keeps my skin clear, and it feels good to get the amount of hydration I'm supposed to have each day. 
But let's be honest - sometimes water can get a little boring :) That's why I like to stay hydrated with vitaminwater I get from my local Target as well! vitaminwater is yummy, refreshing, and still keeps me hydrated with vitamins and electrolytes on the hottest of days, no matter what I'm up to.. 
I love vitaminwater because I can take it to the gym, drink it at work,  on the go, or while I'm just out with friends - it's versatile, anytime is vitaminwater time :) The pretty colors also make for a fun pop in my outfits!
Just like my vitaminwater, when it comes to outfits, I love versatility. If I can wear it styled different ways so that nobody will notice if I wear it twice in one week, that's a win! Take this dress for example. I can wear it for a casual day out, whether I am going to grab dessert with friends, or just running a few errands. To put this outfit together, I wore a light jean jacket to down the color of the dress. Then I slipped on my favorite easy to wear sandals, and put my hair up in a messy bun. Casual but cute outfits for the win!

I love wearing this dress to work as well! To "business" it up, I wore a blazer, wedges, and of course have my everyday purse with me.  With all the earthy, neutral tones, I'm able to add a pop of leopard in my wedges to spice up the outfit :) 

power-c, focus, rise, and squeezed. So good.
Enjoying it at work :) 

The only thing I love more than staying hydrated, is getting a good deal! ;) and with three easy steps, you can, too! 1) Visit your local Target 2) Take a Shelf-Selfie in front of the vitaminwater shelf, and 3) Text your image to 8900 to receive a hidden Cartwheel offer link for 15% off a 20oz vitaminwater!

Check out other tips of how to stay hydrated this summer with vitaminwater for your every day life!
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