Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Purse Lovin'

This post is sponsored by AreaTrend. All opinions are my own.

With the flowers blooming and temperatures getting warmer, I am starting to feel a little antsy for a little wardrobe update. While I can't necessarily just drop a bunch of money on new clothes, updating on things like accessories can definitely help make your closet feel refreshed for the new season.

AreaTrend is a company that sells brand name accessories like designer women handbags for great prices. Their customer service is top knotch, including a 365 day return and exchange policy! All of their inventory is carried in-house, ready to ship immediately upon ordering.

Accessories can make or break your outfit - carrying around a purse that clashes in either color or style with your clothes is no good! Wow those around you by picking out the perfect style for your wardrobe!

I browsed the gorgeous selection of AreaTrend women handbags - here are some that caught my eye, and would make a great addition to my spring closet!
one // two // three
four // five // six

As you can tell, I am definitely drawn to subtle colors like light pink, brown, and gray. I just feel like these colors go so well with any outfit! Whether I'm wearing a neutral outfit or a bright and patterned top or dress, the subtle colored purses will add the perfect accent to any outfit this season. 

Whatever the weather, season, or occasion, be sure to check out Areatrend for great purses to accessorize your outfit with.
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