Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Perfect Fit with ThirdLove

This post has been sponsored by ThirdLove. All opinions are my own.

Good morning to you lovely ladies! Today I'm so excited to be partnering with ThirdLove's launch of a new line of bras - New Nakeds.

Your bra should be unique to YOU, from the fit to the size to the color. With ThirdLove's New Nakeds Collection, you can personalize ever aspect of your bra. I love this celebration of diversity! ThirdLove's Head of Design took two years to perfect this collection. The five shades of the New Nakeds complements your skin tone rather than perfectly matching the skintone. Wear what color you think matches you, or whatever you think is pretty. There is no wrong choice in the gorgeous color selection! It is available in the five shades (find your shade here!) and three best-selling styles (t-shirt [my favorite], push up, and full coverage). ThirdLove also carries matching underwear. You can view the full product line here.

Let's be honest, bra shopping can be a complete headache. I've gone to get measured multiple times, and I have been told I am so many different sizes - which has resulted in me buying those sizes, which in the end has been a complete waste of money since they don't end up fitting well. And guess what? My real size isn't even offered at most retail stores! Thankfully ThirdLove strives to inspire all women to embrace the beautiful little details that makes them unique. They carry many sizes that are not offered in other stores which is so wonderful, because every body is different - they take the frustration out of bra shopping!

I can't say enough good things ThirdLove! From their development of 1/2 cup sizes to their Try Before You Buy program, ThirdLove has YOU in mind. I think it's very important to wear the right bra for you - it's no fun when you're wearing the wrong size and you have underwire jabbing you or straps falling off, etc. The Try Before You Buy program lets you find your perfect fit in a shade that complements your skin tone AND try it for 30 days. YES, you can wear it and make sure the fit, style, and color you got is something you absolutely LOVE. Don't settle for less! For a limited time, my readers can try the New Nakeds free for 30 days -- just click here for this offer!

Honestly, ThirdLove has found a customer for life in ME! I am so grateful to have found a company that offers products in MY size (compromising my size in the past has only led to poor outcomes!), GORGEOUS colors, and a variety of styles. Go take a look and see for yourself - ThirdLove will be your first love ;)


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