Monday, September 26, 2016

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Lipstick has been my least favorite form of makeup for almost my whole makeup wearing life. I just don't like the way the "classic red lip" looks on me, or the fact that my lipstick never lasted. People have pointed out to me how small my lips are, and unfortunately I've been self conscious about it!

If you ever scroll through Instagram, I'm sure you heard about or seen it - Lipsense. It's a long lasting lipgloss that you apply to your lips with a gloss. The gloss and lipgloss bond together and supposedly can last on your lips for a long time without wear. I was pretty skeptical about it at first. How could it not rub off, and last that long? I just had to try it for myself, so I bought myself a starter kit. 

At first I did not like it! It looked funny on me, and would have a cracked look. I gave up on it for a bit until April at A.Plus.Lips gave me some advice on how to use it properly. She was so patient with me as I tried different techniques until I finally 'got it'. 
She sent me the color 'Bravo' to try - a light pink gloss, and I LOVE the color!! It really does last a long time. I feel like when I wear regular lipsticks, I have to reapply every couple hours (I drink a lot of water and put on lip balm often). With Lipsense, the gloss keeps my lips moisturized and I don't have to use lip balm all the time.
If you're interested, you'll want to purchase the Starter Kit to begin with. It comes with the gloss, remover, and a lip color. I love how April shows dupes of other lipstick colors - there are so many choices, you'll have a hard time like me picking out the color, ha!
To place your order, contact April via Instagram or fill out this form here!

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