Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An Oregonian Fourth of July with Zaful

Fourth of July has come and gone, but as per Rachel Sayumi fashion, I am posting this outfit super late. he. When in Oregon, you wear tie dye. Cuz that's what the people do here. A couple weeks ago I was walking home and saw my neighbor our on her back patio tie dying shirts for her kids. It just made me laugh because it is such a stereotypical Eugene thing to do, and I love it. This place is quirky and strange, but it's what makes living here fun.
Anyway, I also do love tie dye clothing, so I wore this fun tie dye maxi dress on the Fourth. No Independence Day is complete without me wearing my American flag scarf. The muted tones of the scarf and the brightness of the dress definitely clash, but I kind of like that about this outfit. ;) 

This dress is from Zaful. I was so impressed with how quickly the package got to me, and I absolutely love the dress! I've already worn it multiple times, and have received a lot of compliments on it :) Zaful has a LOT of cute stuff so it was hard to narrow down what to get, but of course my heart was set on the tie dye!
dress: c/o Zaful 
Also, here's a fun little dish I put together for a barbecue with friends for the Fourth! Hope you all had a great one!
Thanks for reading today! Have the best day ever. xO
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