Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Being a Bridesmaid: A Refashion Story

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Long time no blog, sorry about that.. for the two people that read my blog ;) Things have been busy this month, and I feel like once you stop blogging for a few days, it is such a nice break that another week or two of no posts seems to follow. Oops! 

Anyway, I have a good excuse for my absence... My brother in law got married a week ago, and we took a long roadtrip out to be a part of the wedding. It was so fun to see our families.

I don't have a ton of girl friends, so being a bridesmaid is a real treat for me. This wedding was only my second time ever being a bridesmaid, and I'm so honored that my new sister in law asked me to be a part of her special day. 

The happy couple's main wedding color was navy blue, so a few months ago I was on the hunt for a pretty navy blue dress that I would enjoy wearing even after the wedding. I did not realize how hard it would be to find a navy dress that I liked!! I ordered and returned SO many things, haha!

I finally settled on this cute dress from Asos, and luckily it didn't break the bank. However... it was a tad bit too short for my liking. But I love fixin' up a dress, so it was game on! I whipped out my trusty sewing machine and went to work.

The dress came with a little slip that was made of the same material as the dress, so I used that to add length to the bottom of the dress. I also shortened the sleeves to give it more of a boho look. I found a navy skirt slip and navy sleeved undershirt to wear, and then it was ready to be worn in the wedding!

I loved the way the Asos model wore a silver coin necklace with the dress, so I found one I liked (Lucky Brand), but was able to find it cheaper on eBay. 

dress: Asos

One thing I wish I would have done a bit different is my makeup! It's fun to get gussied up for a special occasion but there was so much going on that I just did my usual base makeup routine. Below is a video that has great tips for wedding guest makeup!

Thank you so much for reading today!! Hoping to get back into the blogging groove again...
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