Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Cutest Tunic from Winnie James

Good morning, ladies! I'm so excited it's Thursday. The weekend is just within our grasp, let's hope I survive another day ;) hehe.

Last summer I wrote a post about a perk of being short - it's that dresses or tunics that normally would hit some people at their thighs are almost down to my knees. I definitely have a lot more options for modest dresses because of my shortness. I love how this Embroidered Tunic from Love Winnie James looks more like a dress on me. The aztec pattern is seriously so beautiful! It reminds me of when we went to Cozumel last summer and saw a bunch of beautiful Mexican tapestries, bracelets, and blankets. I'm wearing the tunic today, and it's the perfect colors for the bright, sunny day it is! Love Winnie James is offering a coupon code RACHEL for 15% off your order, but it only goes until 11:59pm MST TODAY so hurry hurry! They have tons of cute things like this beautiful dress and this chic shirt so take advantage!!

tunic: c/o Winnie James || sandals: Lucky Brand
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