Thursday, April 28, 2016

Recent Beauty Faves

With spring in the air, warmer temperatures, and the sun staying out later, I am all about those light and airy tones when it comes to beauty products as well! I wanted to share with you guys a few beauty products I've been loving lately...
First off, I seriously can't get enough of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line. I found this line right when we moved to Oregon, and I've been adding new colors to my collection since! Currently I'm wearing colors from their Voyager Collection, 'Headed Nude-Where' (reminds me of a sandy beach!) and 'Flushed Wanderer', which is a delicate muted blush color. I love putting on a few coats of these colors along with the Miracle Gel 2x Volume Top Coat - my polish looks thick and shiny and I love it!!

nail polishes c/o Sally Hansen

Arbonne's Got You Covered Mineral Powder Foundation is silky-smooth, feather-light, and adds a touch of bronze to my face (I'm using the color 'Olive'). After hibernating from the sun for a few months, my face definitely welcomes any color it can get ;)

I recently posted a quote on my Instagram that says "I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck", and I can't help but laugh because that is SO me! I will never be your LBD wearing, red-lipstick puckering, stiletto heeled girl. Give me the frosty and bright pink lip colors, gladiator sandals, and of course flowers in my hair ;) Arbonne's Glossed Over Lip Gloss in Linden is a fun and light peachy color that smells amazing and looks so pretty on my little lips.

makeup c/o Arbonne

So there you have it! Lately I've also been experimenting more with contouring my face (I'm still not good at it haha) and wearing a bit of eyeshadow in a light smoky eye effect. Thank goodness for videos on the internet to help me out, like this smoky eyes in 60 seconds tutorial!
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