Friday, April 22, 2016

Lace and Blossoms

Spring came early here in Eugene. Most of the pretty cherry blossoms are gone now, and it makes me SO sad! Luckily I was driving around the other day and found what seems like the last of the cherry blossoms around here. Of course I had to use it as the background for this pretty dress I got recently!
I feel like this is the "it dress" this spring. I first saw lots of girls wearing this Nasty Gal dress a month or two ago, and I thought it was so beautiful! Then, one day I was browsing Asos for a bridesmaid dress and found the exact same lace dress (another similar one here!), but for about $30 more. I loved it, but couldn't justify the prices I was seeing! THEN one day out of sheer luck I found an Instagram account of a boutique called Copper Theory that sold the EXACT SAME DRESS for less than half the cost of what Nasty Gal was selling it for! I was so stoked and stopped what I was doing to purchase it. I am pretty much a collector of white tops and dresses, and was happy to add this beautiful one to my closet! Pairing it with my favorite clog sandals and it's a simple but elegant outfit for the spring and summer.

It's a sheer dress so I ordered a full body slip from DownEast - and it's AMAZING. It's soft, comfortable, and looks great under the sheer dress. I got the color "Egret" because white was sold out, but it's basically white so I have no complaints :)

dress: Copper Theory || slip: DownEast Basics || clogs: Lucky Brand
Thank you so much for reading this week! Have the best weekend ever! xO
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