Monday, April 25, 2016

Field of Yellow Flowers: A Refashion Story

Justin knows that I love a beautiful, scenic field of flowers. A few weekends ago he went out golfing and drove by a lovely little field of yellow flowers. He got so excited about it and kept telling me that he wanted to take me there, so we went! It did NOT disappoint. I was in heaven. It is so beautiful and peaceful! I love finding little pockets of pretty in our town. 
Justin also took some outfit pics for me, what a sweetheart ;) I found this pretty dress at Bohme Boutique and instantly loved it. However, it was a tad bit short in the front for my liking (it was a hi-low style). It was also very big, so I took in the sides and used the excess fabric from the sides to add length to the front. Unfortunately I can't find the dress anywhere online right now, but I did find a similar style romper
I loved wearing this dress with my favorite clogs, of course. These are the perfect spring/summer sandal! I love them!
Here is a very low quality 'before altering' shot. The dress is a bit above my knees. I added a good 3-4 inches from the extra fabric : )
dress: Bohme Boutique (similar style romper here) || clogs: Lucky Brand
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