Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mornings with Wayfair

Sometimes I get a little jealous of other people's morning routines (especially when they share it so beautifully on social media!!). You know what I'm talking about... Stuff like waking up in their big, beautiful home, then waking up their kids, cooking a delicious looking pancake breakfast together, then getting back into bed and cuddling with their kids/pets and watching television...

Well, my mornings are NOTHING like that. Hahah. BUT the thing is, I think there is beauty in simplicity, and it's okay to live and share a "real" life.

Most mornings start with an alarm quickly followed by an internal debate of, "to wash or not wash my hair today?". Once I decide to get up, I quickly check my emails on my phone, then I hop in the shower. 

Once I'm all washed, I let my hair air dry for a bit while I do my makeup and I go to my closet to pick out an outfit. I love doing my makeup, but I don't love doing my hair. I don't know how to do cool things with it, and blow drying can get tiring! haha.
I usually take a break from the blow drying to go make the bed really quickly. Ever since getting this pretty headboard from Wayfair and getting new bedding, I've made an effort to make the bed every morning. I can honestly say that in the past year I have made the bed at least six out of the seven days each week, and I'm proud of that! When I was single (and even first married) I hardly ever made the bed. It just brings order and peace into my life, so now it's a must. If I'm rushing out the door and don't have time, I will make the bed when I'm home for lunch. Ha!

Most days Justin leaves before me, so we always make sure to sneak in a goodbye kiss. ;) Then I grab some breakfast. My favorite thing to eat in the morning right now is a parfait. I mix vanilla Greek yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and granola. It's delicious!
After that, it's off to work for the day!
I know it's not anything special, but I sure am grateful for mornings like these. I have a warm bed to wake up in, a hot shower I'm able to take, clothes on my body, food in my tummy, and a job that brings us income. I think that in itself is very beautiful!
What are your morning routines like? 
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