Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Guest Post: Men's Fashion Tips For Spring & Summer

Today I have Tiffany guest posting for me! I don't know too much about men's fashion, but I love to learn for Justin! As we approach spring and summer, keep these tips in mind! 

In the coming weeks and months there will be countless articles written about the style trends that will define the spring and summer. For men and women alike, this time of year is all about finding new clothes for warm weather, and there are always some fun new concepts to consider.

But there are also fashion tips to keep in mind that have nothing to do with specific trends—and here they are:

With Footwear, Get Casual (Not Lazy)

There's always a temptation when the weather warms up to get as close to barefoot as you can, whenever you can. This is perfectly understandable, as well as perfectly acceptable! But just busting out the same pair of used, heavily worn flip-flops you may have bought a summer or two ago can result in a lazy, ratty look. Instead, try to find a classier option that remains lightweight or even open-toed. All-Fashion-Trends took a look at some summer 2016 footwear trends for men and identified a significant variety of comfortable options that look a little sturdier and more sophisticated than the average flip-flops. Topsiders, stylish sneakers, and even strapped sandals are all going to be popular this spring and summer.

Find Your Color

I'm not referring to skin tone here; rather, I'm talking about color as it relates to clothing trends. No matter what styles are being sold in stores, each spring and summer comes with some shades that stand above the rest. Regardless of your personal taste, these colors can make for nice, casual ways to stay current. GQ pointed specifically to greens and greys for the spring and summer of 2016.

Determine Your Best Fit

Sizing matters a little bit less in the fall and winter when you're wearing heavier garments that are meant to be a little bit larger and cozier. Once the spring season arrives, however, clothing tends to be lighter and thinner, and it's more important to wear just the right size in order to look your best. Usually, this is a fairly straightforward concept, though for those who venture more into the plus size category King Size Direct has put together a helpful sizing chart for big and tall clothing options, which can help you figure out the perfect fit.

Don't Forget The Accessories

When it actually comes down to shopping for your spring and summer clothes, don't forget about accessories! For whatever reason, most of the publicity about fashion accessories tends to center on women's options. But men, too, can build up a lot of style credibility by stocking up on fashionable items that aren't necessarily considered clothing. Sunglasses, shoes, watches, bags, and even hats all fall into this category, and these can do a lot to help define your image—especially in the warmer seasons.

Again, you'll see plenty in the coming weeks and months about specific clothing trends. But these are some more general fashion tips to keep in mind for guys looking ahead to spring and summer style.

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