Monday, March 14, 2016

Black & White featuring Kate Spade

I have never been much of a "designer label" girl. I don't really care to ever own big name brands like Prada, Céline, Valentino, etc. I just can't fathom spending thousands of dollars on a purse or a pair of shoes... There's a part of me inside that is a cheapskate, and I'm okay with it. I do, however, believe in having a few quality (non-over the top in price) pieces that are classic and will be timeless no matter what year it is. ((it's totally fine if people buy lots of expensive, trendy, name-brand items! This is a personal choice! But I personally just don't have the heart - or funds - to do so haha))

Over the past few years, I've gone through about 5-6 cheap purses that have broken, gotten really dirty, discolored, ripped, and so on. Luckily some of these purses were gifted, so I didn't spend a lot of money on them. BUT I was tired of going through purses all the time. The most recent one I had been using was a tad too small and if I wanted to get something out, I had to take out everything because my items were just jammed in the purse! I was ready to dip my toes into investing in a good quality purse. I knew the qualifications I was looking for in a new purse: 1) decently priced 2) a medium size to fit my things comfortably inside.. and 3) classic and chic and isn't a "trendy" purse or color.

I decided to start looking into semi affordable designer purses instead of no-name brands like I had been using. I narrowed down my favorite purse brands to Coach, Dooney & Bourke, and Kate Spade. The purses I liked were between $300-$500, and I just couldn't justify spending that much on a purse when we are still paying for Justin's schooling. I narrowed it down to the purse I wanted (Kate Spade), and decided to look around on sites like eBay, Poshmark, and ThredUp.

I got super lucky and found the exact purse (color, too!) I wanted on Poshmark. The girl was selling it at $190, and I offered $140 (I love that you can submit offers on Postmark!). She then countered at $160 and I accepted the offer. So basically I go the purse in amazing condition for about half the retail price! I was so excited. The exciting hunt for my purchase makes it sentimental and that much more meaningful. I am so happy about my purchase!! 

I LOVED using Poshmark because they have a buyer's protection in place, shipping is only $6, and you can narrow your search down by brand. If you download the app and sign up with the code JGFFY, you can get $10 off your first order. Pretty neat, eh?

I love wearing black and white together. It's bold, simple, and easy to put together because you don't have to worry about what colors you're wearing together.

Kate Spade has this purse in SO many different, beautiful colors. I wanted to black as a timeless staple, but maybe someday when I'm making more money, I'll have to add a colored one to my collection... ;) THIS blue one is on a SUPER sale for anyone interested! This purse is also being price matched for a decent price in multiple colors HERE and HERE!

hat: LuLu's || shirt: Bohme Boutique || jeans: American Eagle || purse: Kate Spade via Poshmark || booties: Sam Edelman

I really treasure this purse! I feel so fancy walking around town with it, because it's the nicest purse I've ever had. Have you ever gotten a steal of a deal on a nice designer product?

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