Saturday, March 26, 2016

Beach Essentials with Sakroots

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Were any of you on spring break this last week? Or do you have the week off this coming week? Justin just had his spring break, but unfortunately with homework and work, we had to stick around town (insert sad face!!), and the fact that it was chilly and rainy didn't help! However, the weather is supposed to get pretty warm here next weekend and I will take any warm weekend as a "break"!

I'm dreaming about being on a warm beach carrying around this amazing Sakroots tote and wearing the cutest Sakroots sandals! Sakroots has colorful and original art featured on bags, shoes, tech, jewelry, prints, and more. Each collection features original artwork from the Sakroots artist circle. Sakroots is big on supporting their artists. They have a great Choose Your Karma program where each print is supported by a charity. You can donate to a charity of your choosing from their list when you buy from They will also match all donations.

I love how their designs are laid back, cheerful, and fun their products are! If I had gone to the beach this spring break, here are some things I would have taken with me...

-Sakroots XL Aqua Water Nation Tote - to carry all my things in! I love this bright and colorful ocean inspired bag. (Buying from the Aqua Water Nation supports the Whale and Dolphin Conservation!)
-Sakroots Natural Spirit Desert flip flops - Love these fun sandals for the beach! 

Other things include...

-Lip balm
-Sun hat
-A magazine or a book

And now for some outfits I wish I could be wearing on a beautiful beach somewhere...!

I hope you guys had/have a nice spring break! Be sure to check out Sakroots' amazing products for whatever you do and wherever you go for the break : ) 
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