Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day

Since Valentine's Day is coming up before we know it (three more days!), I figured I would post a Valentine's inspired outfit.

I'm not much for the bright reds and pinks, so I decided to wear my most V-Day looking piece of clothing - this sweater with hearts on it. Haha! It's so comfy and I've had it for a few years, but have only featured it on the blog once (here). 
Because I wanted to add some color to the outfit, I paired it with a maroon cardigan. I'm also styling these black rain boots from BEARPAW. It rains so much where we live that I have to be prepared! I've definitely ruined a couple pairs of shoes because they've gotten so wet here :( But there's no worries with these boots, thank goodness!
Also, I can't help but thing "shaggy mop" when I see my hair, haha I need a good trim so badly!! I have an appointment but it's not for a couple more weeks so let's hope I survive till then ;) 
Boots c/o BEARPAW

Happy Valentine's Day!

Is anyone doing anything fun or celebratory for the 14th? 
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