Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stress Free Shopping with Sudo

This post was sponsored by Sudo. All opinions are my own.

have had my fair share of exhausting, crazy, and bad experiences buying and selling things online. One time I purchased a camera lens from eBay, only to be scammed by being sent an empty box from the seller! Another time, I sold an old laptop through Amazon, and the person who called ended up wanted to send it back, so he called me on my cell phone (I was shocked my number was listed somewhere) and he had a thick foreign accent that I unfortunately had a hard time understanding him.
THANKFULLY both of those issues were resolved and I was able to get my money and computer back. But let's just say... I am very hesitant when it comes to using those kinds of sites to buy and sell big ticket items! You'd like I would have learned my lesson after the first time, but I've had a couple other similar instances happen as well. It may sound funny, but online safety and privacy a big issue that I wish everyone in the world could protect!
This is where the new powerful app Sudo comes into play. Sudo is a way to protect your safety, privacy, and personal data when you're connecting and socializing both online and offline. Sudo can automatically generate private personas - from email addresses and real working phone numbers! This is something I wish I would have had during the times mentioned above. I hate that random people out there were able to find my real phone number because it was connected to my accounts. I love how Sudo empowers you to maintain control over your personal information out in the cyber world-- it's like having an extra shield over sensitive information!

You can create a different "Sudo" for different parts of your life - general, online shopping, social media, selling, and dating. So for the online shopping Sudo, I can generate a private email, phone number, safe internet browsing, and credit card numbers that routes back to my real life phone, email, etc. However, the people you're interacting with through Sudo doesn't get your actual info! All that communication is done through the Sudo app. If I would have had Sudo when I dealt with my eBay/Amazon fiasco above, the people I dealt with wouldn't have a hold of my real email address/phone number. I have learned my lesson!

Below is a visual of what Sudo can do (yes I was bored and sent myself ridiculous texts HAHA)... I generated myself a local phone number and used the app (right side) to text myself! On my phone (left side), it showed up as that number that was generated. So I could give out that instead of my real number. I can also change the newly generated number whenever I want to as well. Now imagine being able to do this for your email, credit cards, etc... It's genius! I've sold a few things on Craigslist and totally wish I had this app back then - I usually end up blocking the people I did business with, but Sudo's option is much safer!

Let Sudo help you manage and protect your private life!

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