Friday, February 26, 2016


Good morning and happy FRIDAY! I absolutely love sharing my blog blooper photos (and wish other bloggers shared them more often!). I believe in "keeping it real", and remind you guys that taking fashion blog photos are not always glamorous as it may seem! Plus I hope one or two of you can have a good laugh out of it ;) So here is the latest edition of my blogging bloopers!

Sometimes the wind just does not cooperate.

For the most part, I take my own photos with a tripod and a remote. Sometimes I have to make sure that my autofocus is working before I begin snapping away, and below is me testing that out HAHA

The photo below isn't as blooper-y, but for some reason I think my legs look so weird!! The way it's crossed over looks almost unnatural, haha

The next two photos below were when people started walking towards me and I felt super awkward, so I started to run away hahah

Cutesy leaf-throwing photo... FAIL. I look silly. The leaf looks like it's coming out of my nose.

I think my weirdest faces come out when Justin takes photos for me...

HAHA! Hope you had a nice chuckle! : ) 
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