Monday, January 25, 2016

Looks to Love this Valentine's Day with Maybelline

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One week from today is FEBRUARY 1st. Which means two weeks after that is VALENTINE'S DAY! How crazy that we are already thinking about Valentine's Day, right? Time flies!

I feel like my makeup routine can get a little mundane at times, since I always just do the same things and hardly ever change it up. I love taking advantage of things like "holidays" and use it as an excuse to get excited about gussying up. I found some great Maybelline products at my local Walmart to help me put a little extra oomph into my makeup routine to create looks to love this Valentine's Day (and for an affordable price)!

Be sure to come back in a couple weeks when I put together a Valentine's Night makeup look!

So I've shared my bare makeupless face on the blog a handful of times, but this time I'm more self conscious about it than normal. I have major "tired eyes" and it's winter so I feel dull and pale, and I have a nice big ole Mount Pimpleyama growing on my chin :( BUT I like to stay real on my blog, sooo... Hello... it's me........

ANYWAY... I started off with my usual must-do's. Hydrated lips, lashes, and a little cat eye liner. These three things have been a part of my beauty routine for a while, so they are no-brainers.

I'm really excited about Maybelline's products that I'm using next because they are newer for me! To give my face some coverage, I used Maybelline's Dream Velvet Foundation with their Dream Velvet Blender. These two products go together like peanut butter and jelly! I have a foundation blender, but it was hard for me to use and I didn't like touching the wet, spongy product. I LOVE how the Dream Velvet Blender has a handle you can hold while applying your makeup! It makes it easier and mess-free for me. It really blended in the foundation so well! Check out the two photos below and see how my pimple disappeared because of these products! I was so amazed and happy with the results!

The Dream Velvet Foundation is Maybelline's first hydrating matte foundation for velvet smooth coverage. The gel-whipped formula feels light on your skin while covering what you want gone! Simply apply the foundation to the Dream Velvet Blender

The Dream Velvet Blender is ideal for gliding over large areas and targeting hard-to-reach curves. 

TO USE: Dab a bit of Dream Velvet Foundation onto the Dream Velvet Blender. Use the sides of the blender to blend the foundation in a circular motion on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Use the pointed tip for precision blending around corners and curves such as around the nose, under your eyes, and over your eyebrows for smooth and silky coverage. Simply rinse with water and a gentle soap to clean off the blender!

I think we can all agree that contouring and highlighting is BIG right now. It's no longer for those Hollywood starlets and fancy makeup artists-- it's for everyone, like you and me! Contouring is a newer concept for me. I know I have a round face but I was always too scared to try contouring, and I never knew which products to use. When I had looked into contouring palettes, I hated the steep prices. Maybelline Master Contour Palette is affordable and easy to use-- what more could you ask for?! This palette is an all-in-one (bronzer, blush, highlighter) and even comes with a contouring brush. The 3-step instructions make defining and highlighting a total breeze.

TO USE: Contour first by using the narrow side of the brush. Blend the bronzer in a "3" shape along your hairline, jawline, and under your cheekbones. Next, use the wide side of the brush and apply blush onto your cheekbones above the bronzer. Then, sweep some highlighter above your cheekbones, chin, the bridge of your nose, and the center of your forehead (I didn't do this, because.. bangs;). Lastly, blend it all in! 

Feel free to go as dark or light as you prefer! 

I love defining my cheekbones because I feel like they're nonexistent sometimes. But thanks to Maybelline, I am loving this more defined look for Valentine's Day... and every day!

Are you a contouring master? Be sure to head to Walmart to check out Maybelline's great products to help you out if you're a beginner like me!

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