Friday, November 20, 2015

The Grateful Table - "The Quirky Turkey"

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I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Thanksgiving, because my birthday is the 23rd of November and it usually falls around the fourth Thursday of the month. It's been on Thanksgiving Day a couple times (fun fact: it will fall on Thanksgiving again in 2017!), as well as Black Friday, which is awesome (no school! No work!). Not only that, but it's an amazing time to gather with loved ones and reflect on what's important in life. Oh, and the food ain't bad, either ;)
This is my first Thanksgiving not being with family, and it kind of makes me teary-eyed. Luckily we have friends here in Oregon that help fill that void in my heart, and I'm determined to make this Thanksgiving as memorable as I can even though we don't get to see our families.
I put together a little Thanksgiving tablescape to give you guys ideas on how you can get your tables ready for the 28th! As we are still 'newlyweds' (we've been married three years now), we don't really have a lot of fancy dinnerware, so my table comes from a very humble beginning. I guess you can call it a poor man's tablescape, haha. 
I named my tablescape "The Quirky Turkey" because there are some traditional Thanksgiving elements (pumpkins, fall colors) in there but the funky patterns and decor definitely adds a unique vibe.
I'm proud to say I everything I used for my little Thanksgiving table were things we already had (even the pumpkins!) - minus the flowers, I did go buy those to add some live greenery to the table ;)

I love the mix of gold and silver!
These flowers from Trader Joe's are the perfect fall addition!
Succulents in pumpkins. My new favorite thing!

Wayfair offers endless possibilities when it comes to beautiful home decor, especially for the holidays! Be sure to check out all of their amazing selections!

Thanks for reading today! Happy weekend! xO
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