Monday, November 16, 2015

Dress 2 Impress

Gooood morning and happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great weekend. We celebrated Justin's birthday on Saturday and it was super fun. I love that guy for taking such good care of me and making me laugh every day. Am I a bad wife for not blogging about him on his birthday???? oops... I guess you can say we were too busy out enjoying the day and I didn't find time to blog about it.

I've driven passed this "Dress 2 Impress" wall a few times and I just knew I needed to take a photo in front of it! ;) I happened to be wearing this pretty maroon dress that day to church, so I just grabbed a hat that matched my booties to make the outfit more "blog worthy" and went on my merry way. I didn't realize it would match the wall, haha!

I love this dress because it's flowy, pretty, and ultra comfortable! I may or may not have this sage green one... And the same shop also sells it in violet, light purple, watermelon redblack, and white! There are so many lovely colors to choose from.

I was so happy I had this hat because right as I started taking my photos, it started to RAIN! I had to hurry up because I was using a tripod/remote combination to take my photos and didn't want the camera to get soaked. But the rain drops look kind of cool, I think? 

I think I look super tall in this pic^^ which is weird haha
I know this is out of focus but I wanted a close up shot and had to make do with the rain!!!
hat: Urban Outfitters || dress: Zaful || booties: Sam Edelman

I love that outfits these days can be as simple as a dress, hat, and booties. It's crazy to think about all the different kinds of clothing styles have been 'in' over the past 100 years! The video below that I found is such a neat way to see how styles have changed over the last century!
Thanks for reading today! xO
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