Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately has been so good, I just wanted to document it somewhere ;) 

As summer started to end, I really took advantage of being surrounded by the beautiful flowers that are all around!

A few weeks ago we decided to hike up a butte nearby and watch the sunset with some friends. It's so fun to get away from the traffic of the town and enjoy this beautiful view!

The sunset was so pretty! It definitely made for a dark hike home with all the trees blocking the light, but thank goodness for cell phone lights, right? ;)

Justin and I celebrated three years of being married. Even though our anniversary was on a Tuesday, he made it so special by sending me flowers at work. After we were done working, we drove up to Portland (2 hours away!!!) for a fancy dinner at Justin's favorite, Ruth's Chris. It was so nice to spend time together driving and eating delicious food! I love that he wanted to dress up. ;) It's been an amazing three years with this guy. 

My dress from Anthropologie is unfortunately sold out, BUT you can find the gorgeous fall versions here and here! They are SO pretty!

One of our good friends had a birthday a couple weekends ago, and she invited a bunch of people to go apple picking for her birthday! It was so fun! It was my first time at an orchard. They are so darling, and the apples were delicious!!! 

We've been loving living here in Oregon! post signature

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