Friday, October 16, 2015

Just Call Me the Kitty Whisperer

HAPPY FRIDAY, everyone! We've had the most gorgeous fall weather all week that I'm actually bummed for the weekend because it's supposed to RAIN :( But I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I live in Oregon, huh? haha. 

Today's outfit is definitely a favorite because I'm wearing this amazing sweater t-shirt with a super comfy maxi skirt. Talk about the most comfortable outfit ever! The design on this shirt is just about the coolest thing ever.

Since I feel like my hairstyles (curled, straight, or up) get boring (wish I was good at braiding!), I've been dressing up my head with pretty hair clips, like this moon one from Asos. While the exact product is sold out, you can get one extremely similar and super cheap from Etsy. Every time I wear my moon clip, I've received so many compliments! Last Friday Justin and I went out to lunch and a waitress who wasn't even servicing our side of the restaurant came over and told me she loved it! 

One more thing-- I really think I have some sixth sense where I find cats wherever I go. I've had kittens follow me around at photo shoots in the past here and here and here. The day I took these photos was no exception! The cute kitty LOVED following me around, and I loved it too ;) 
 It even looked RIGHT into the camera, hahahah
Just having little conversations with my new friend.
hair clip: Asos || shirt: Nordstrom || skirt: c/o 10 Dollar Mall

Thanks for reading today!! Have a lovely weekend! xO
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