Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dress Obsessed

Just because we're halfway through fall (!!) doesn't mean that you can't keep wearing pretty dresses. I love wearing dresses to work because they are so comfy! I've been wearing my 'summery' dresses with big chunky cardigans and tall boots, and I love that look! Below are three types of dresses that I love and would definitely look good in my closet, and yours... ;) Click on the dress to get you to the product page if you're interested in more details!

Not So Plain Jane
These simple dresses are not so Plain Jane! Dresses like these can really be gussied up with fun accessories such as fun necklaces, hats, and vests. My favorite below is the top right chambray dress!! I'm thinkin I need to get me one ASAP!
Flirty Floral 
Because... floral. Duh! Floral print dresses are one of my favorites. The bottom left dress really stands out to me! I love how it's a white dress but with the navy and dark red print, it makes for a lovely fall dress!
Pattern Play
Stand out in a crowd in these fun patterned dresses! I love how chic the top left dress is (and it's a GREAT price!!). These can easily be dressed down for a weekend, or dressed up for a night out!

Happiest of Thursdays! xO
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