Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mahogany Bay, Roatán

Months ago when the Porter family was discussing what we wanted to do on our cruise, we all agreed that we should definitely have one day where we don't plan any "excursions" and just spend some time on the beach. And that's what we did on the Wednesday of our cruise! We had been go-go-go for the first few days, so it was amazing to be able to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the earth! In Roatán we snorkeled, ate food, sat on beach chairs, and just enjoyed each other's company. 

I die. My nephew is the most precious thing ever.

Snorkeling was so much fun. It's amazing to see the world underwater. It is a crazy mysterious place out there!
How awkward am I!?!

But then something totally unexpected happened that evening.. The crew called man overboard over the PA system. It was a really scary moment-- it felt like a dream. Not to get into too much detail, but from what I've gathered from the news and rumor around the ship, a lady intentionally jumped off. It was an extremely sad evening for everyone. The cruise ship turned around and eventually they found her body. Even thinking about it now, I still can't believe it happened. My prayers still go out to the family. With the amount of time it took to turn around and deal with this situation, we weren't able to go to our last port, Grand Cayman since we were too tight on time. The staff of the ship was amazing, though. They made several calls and pulled strings so that we were able to go back to Cozumel in place of Grand Cayman, so that we wouldn't have to have another day at sea. I'm so grateful to them that during this chaotic and sad time that they did everything in their power to make the rest of the week as smooth as possible.

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