Wednesday, September 9, 2015

From Drab to Fab: Bathroom Redo

Good morning and happy Wednesday, friends! Pretty awesome that it's already hump day, right? ;)
Ever since finishing putting together our bedroom (which was a few months ago), I've had an itch to redo our bathroom. Our bathroom is alright. We've had the same shower curtain (similar, similar) since we got married. At the time I LOVED it, but now I was feeling it was too busy in our already tiny bathroom. Our apartment is just oh so little, and I wanted to make even this little room feel more spacious. Our good friends who live in the same complex have a white shower curtain, and every time I used their bathroom, it amazed me how much bigger their bathroom felt. 

A couple weeks ago I finally jumped in and was able to decorate our bathroom in a way that more matched our (my?? lol) style and our apartment. 

Below is how we've had our bathroom for the past year in this apartment:

shower curtain (similarsimilar

Yeah, it's blah. I know. Too much brown! It just felt so dark and cramped in there. I know the linoleum floor, the cabinets, fixtures etc. are ugly but that's not in our control, which made me want to redecorate even more! Also, sorry about the lighting-- it is sooo dark in our bathroom!

I started off with a trip to TJ Maxx. Gosh, I love that store! I looked around for a white shower curtain with maybe some white embroidery or something on it, and happened upon this pretty shower curtain. I loved how simple it was, but it still had a whimsical pattern on it that is far less overwhelming than our first one ;) I also love that it matched the wicker basket I already had on top of the toilet tank.

At TJ Maxx I also found a couple bath rug sets. I couldn't decide between white and tan, so I took them both home to see what I liked. Justin and I ended up loving the tan one because white would probably get dirty quickly, and the tan also matches the shower curtain and wicker basket! 

I also went to Target to get our hand towels (gray aqua) and bath towels. They have so many color options! I also decided to change up our shower curtain hooks to these since the brown was totally outdated. The new ones are a frosty silver, and they are subtle yet pretty!

Also at TJ Maxx I saw this AMAZING sunburst mirror (similar)... I just had to take it home with me ;) I know this bathroom is ending up looking like our bedroom, LOL, but at least my style is consistent? Anyways, I loveeee how it all finally came together! I still walk passed the bathroom and just smile because I love how bright and open it feels now. [[again, SORRY for the terrible light and coloring!! eeek]]

I also found this crazy cute toilet brush set at TJ Maxx..... So stylish. HAHAHA

Don't look at this^ photo too closely, because it'll hurt your head. The toilet isn't centered to the towel rack. It bugs me so much.

I also decided to get a soap dispenser rather than just use whatever soap bottle I get at the grocery store. The soap dispenser is from Target.

Thank you so much for reading today! I had so much fun redoing the bathroom and am so glad to have created a space that I enjoy seeing and being in!
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Rachel Lynne said...

Love it - simple yet so chic!

Whitney James said...

So cute. I love it! Very nice. Thanks for the inspo. Just moved to a new place not too long ago.


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