Friday, September 25, 2015

Cozumel Part II: Isla de Pasion

Today is my last cruise post!! I can't believe we've already been home from our vacation for over a month. It's crazy how time flies.

After the crazy/sad turn of events (read about it here), the ship's crew decided to port in Cozumel for the second time (read part i here). We were supposed to go to Grand Cayman for our last stop, but the day we had in Cozumel was so amazing that I didn't have time to be sad about missing GC :) 

We started off by eating lunch! It was so fun to have authentic Mexican food. muy delicioso. 

Next we got on a little boat and rode to Isla de Pasion, aka Passion Island. We decided to have another relaxing day at the beach, and it was so much fun! We snorkeled, played paddle ball, went kayaking, and just soaked up the sun.

Because of our crazy schedule, we only overlapped another cruise ship by an hour or so-- so once the other cruise ship's passengers left Passion Island, we basically had the whole place to ourselves!

LOVE our nephew!

Not gonna lie, I'm mostly posting this^ cuz I think my hair looks cool lol.
The underwater hammocks were the bomb!

We concluded our cruise with one last sea day! It was such a great trip with my in laws. I'm so grateful for the opportunity we had to see other countries!

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Marsa said...

okay, hammock in ocean??? i need this in my bathtub haha.
also, that second to last photo ;) look into the near future??

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