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The Process of Putting Together Our Bedroom

Good morning, readers! Today I have something a little different. If you like home decor and interior design, hopefully you enjoy this post! 

Since 2010 I've been living in apartments, but I've never really had a place decorated to my taste to feel like "home". When Justin and I moved to Oregon (exactly ONE year ago!!! wow!), I was so excited to really put effort into creating a space that we could come home to from work and school, and have it be a place of solace. I went through a LOT of changes in our bedroom, and it was quite the process! It took about six months to finally come up with the combination I could say I loved. Justin was so patient throughout this process ;) and thank HEAVENS for return policies!

This post is not sponsored in any way, I just had so much fun documenting different steps in my decorating process. I also read Live Love DIY and absolutely am fascinated by her before/after posts. If you don't read her blog, you must!! 

This is a bit of a long post, so grab a treat and enjoy ;)

So let's get started. Our apartment is the definition of Plain Jane. Neutral carpet, off white walls, ugly blinds, so on... But hey, it was a blank canvas to work with! While in Utah, I went ahead and purchased a headboard from Wayfair. Having a headboard is much cheaper than buying an actual bed, and we didn't have a headboard in our first apartment. I also got bedding from Nate Berkus for Target. I really wanted to go for that "minimal" and Urban Outfitters-ish look. At the foot of our bed I laid out a Flor De Luz serape. So southwestern. 

We got some light blue sheets from Target, and I still wanted to add more to it. I got other decorative pillows from Etsy, and I added a pretty blossom art piece above our bed to fill up some space. The blue matched our pillows, and I loved it.

headboard: Wayfair
throw blanket: c/o Flor De Luz
sheets: Target
aztec pillows: Etsy
floral art: Bed Bath & Beyond

I still wasn't feeling like the room was done (little did I know I still had a long road ahead of me, ha!), so I added a pretty pillow from TJ Maxx. You can find a similar one (and in other colors!) here.

I was still feeling eh, so I moved that pillow to our couch in the living room, and found three other  pillows at TJ Maxx. They all have a pretty flourish designs on the them (the front one is turned backwards). At this point we also added curtains.

This is where I realized that as much as I love southwestern inspired decor, it's just not my home style.  I decided I wanted to try out a plain duvet. I flipped around the Nate Berkus comforter to see what it looked like plain, and I thought I liked it.... so I ended up buying and returning two different colors of these linen duvets from Target and same with two different colors from H&M (did you know they have home decor?! It's actually a really pretty collection!).

Also at this point we got nightstands. I'm not totally in love with these, but they were a decent price and the color matches our headboard. It's good for now :) I originally had this lamp from Ikea (not pictured), but my style got thrown off its groove and I ended up selling them on Craigslist. So I got new lamps and lamp shades from Target.

all new decorative pillows & photo frame: TJ Maxx
nightstands: Target
lamp & lamp shade: Target
curtains: Target

((I didn't realize it until it was too late, but I wish I would have put the curtains up closer to the ceiling. wahh))

This is where things got crazy. My style was all over the place, and I was overwhelmed with everything! I didn't like our room one bit. I decided to try out a new style, more of a shabby chic look. I got this ruched bedspread during a sale. Justin said NO and that it looked like ruffled knicker bottoms.  I had to agree. It didn't look good on our bed.

So back to our old comforter it was! I did add new curtains, though! They are blackout blinds, which are perfect since our bedroom gets harsh light in the mornings. They changed our sleep quality for sure!

I also swapped out the blossom art piece  for a set of frames we already had (they were displayed at our wedding reception!). They are from Michael's I believe. I liked this direction I was going a lot better-- fresh, light, and comfortable.

tan blackout blinds: TJ Maxx
large photo frames: Michael's

I finally decided to give up on trying to find a bedspread that was all one color. I tried dark gray, light gray, cream, and white. You know how on Instagram people have pretty all white bedspreads? Yeah, that did NOT look good over in this apartment. Anyways, I fell in love with this duvet cover. However, I didn't know which color I liked! I went back and forth between 'Twilight' and 'Gray'. I loved them both for different reasons, but ended up choosing the gray. Up above we had king sized shams, which I have NO idea why I got king sized shams when our bed is a queen. Rookie mistake, lol. Anyways, I sold those and got beautiful Euro pillow inserts instead

I also got these simple Euro shams. I love them! I also had this round pintuck pillow on my couch from Ross, and decided to stick it on the bed. Then came another uh-oh moment. WHY DID I GET TEENY TINY LAMPS?! They looked oh so unproportional (is that a word??) next to the big elements on the bed. Thank heavens for Target's amazing return policy. Even without the original packaging, they let me return them. They were the size small version, and I went ahead and sized up to the large lamps.

round pintuck pillow: Ross

See the Burt's Bees on my bed and on my nightstand? lol, definitely a must have beauty product for me!

Getting these large lamps presented yet another issue. Finding lampshades. The lamp shade I had with the small version up two photos looked fine, but the size 'large' lampshades at Target were ENORMOUS and looked soooo weird. Also, who knew there were different types of lamp shades?! I had to educate myself of the difference between spider lamp shades and slip UNO fitter lamp shades. I know, I was confused as well.

Once I knew the different kinds of lamp shades, I was able to do my research and find the correct one for the lamp I had. And what do you know, I found the perfect size/color/fabric/shaped lamp at WALMART!

I was finally (keyword) starting to love our bedroom. But no, not quite done yet ;)

large lamps, base: Target
lamp shade: Walmart

Last but not least... I wasn't loving the three frames above our bed. I wanted to go for a more simple look now that I had decided on a patterned duvet cover. I had been really digging sunburst mirrors, and was on the hunt to find one! However, all the 'pretty' ones were so expensive. I finally found one on Target's site but.... I didn't love the look. The sun beams were weirdly shaped, and Justin didn't like it either. It was a hard decision to return it, but I did! And continued my search. 

Eventually I found some more and decided to narrow it down! At first, I almost got this sunburst mirror but decided it was too small for the look I wanted. So I ended up getting the "large" version and it ended up being PERFECT. As a matter of fact, it is in my top 3 favorite home decor pieces we have right now :-)

and FINALLY finally finally after a long six months, I finished decorating our bedroom just the way I liked it! I think it's simple enough but has fun details, and I love the blue sheets that add a touch of color. Man, it really was a wild ride ;) but I'm glad I stuck to my gut and returned, returned, returned when I didn't love something. 

PHEW! It was a long process! Seven comforters, four sets of wall decor, three different lamps, and many many pillows later!!! Trial and error, people. I know the way I styled our bedroom doesn't cater to everyone's taste, but it is just what I wanted, and I love it. It motivates me to make the bed every single day! :) It's a nice feeling to feel like coming 'home' even though it's just a little ole apartment.

mirror: World Market

Below are couple more photos of the finished look!

If you got through this post, congratulations! HAHA ;) Thank you so much for reading-- hope you enjoyed! xx
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Brian & Lisa said...

love this!! I am SO horrible at decorating and making the house look cute and we have been here for a year already haha. Thanks for the inspiration!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Such a big change from beginning to end! I love your style. What a cute room!


Nice pillows :)
Maria V.

Marsa said...

It looks great Rachel! I'm just like you. I NEVER decorated my place in college. In fact, our little apartment still isn't decorated hahaha. We have a huge wedding photo that my mom gave us, framed and everything. And I still haven't put it up lol. Just can't find the motivation to decorate a place when I know it's just one of the many apartments we'll live in.

Also, love the burts bees. I always have a Chapstick right by my bed too. Nobody likes them crackly lips in the morning haha

The Holderness' said...

i'm ready to visit

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