Monday, August 3, 2015

Blogger Inspired

I absolutely love reading fashion blogs. I love being inspired by others! This outfit was born thanks to inspiration from two other bloggers. Originally, this dress was a maxi dress (worn here). Merrick from Merrick's Art (probably my FAVORITE fashion blogger!) had the same dress, and she made it short. I LOVED it so much! I thought it was such a fun way to wear the dress! I decided to do the same. I haven't added sleeves yet, since I've been too lazy to go to the store and get fabric, but eventually... one day, I will ;) Anyways, I love the knee length high-low dress it is now!

I then saw Lauryn from Lauryncakes style an amazing outfit the other day (here). I had similar pieces to recreate the entire outfit, right down to the sandals and necklace! I love it when that happens! I had never thought to combine my clothes in this way, but thanks to Lauryn I now have a cute new outfit to wear :) 

It's so fun to inspire and be inspired! It's one of the best reasons to blog.

shirt: Old Navy || dress, necklace, sandals: LuLu's
Thanks for reading today! HAPPY MONDAY/AUGUST! xo
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Liv said...

I agree, all my style inspiration comes from bloggers like you :)


Elise Von E said...

So pretty! Love this look!


Jess said...

you are probably the cutest human. :)

Gentri said...

I LOVE this outfit. That necklace is stunning! I'm totally into silver statement necklaces right now and just posted one yesterday. haha! You look gorgeous and I miss you.

Samantha Hatch said...

I loving getting style inspiration from other bloggers as well. It's so fun! Plus it makes me feel like I connect with them better. Love your look--you're such a babe!


Elisabeth Klassen said...

Love the dress.

Diary of Elegance

Jessica Eapen said...

i love that necklace! =)

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