Friday, July 10, 2015

Flashback Friday: A Refashion Story

Just about two years ago, I was on a local Utah program a couple times called "The Daily Dish". They would talk about the current trends in movies, food, and fashion. My good friend Gentri asked me to be her model a couple times, so I did! I also did a couple of my own segments (you can see them here & here). Being on live was SO nerve-racking! I don't do well speaking in front of others, haha but I survived and it was a great experience.

One time Gentri did a segment on floral fashions, and I was able to wear the cutest dress/tunic! You can see the post here (my hair was so short back then!). My floral outfit was the "Desert Flower" outfit. 

Gentri recently had a big Instagram closet sale, and was selling this dress! I knew I couldn't let it get away-- I loved it so much the first time!! It was like brand new and still just as beautiful as I remembered. It was a tad bit shorter than I liked (it was two years ago as well), but as I looked at it, I had a brilliant plan. The dress came with a matching sash. I unpicked all the stitching in the sash and flattened it out-- which gave me an extra three or four inches! I did my best to match the print in the front, and now I have a dress I'm comfortable sitting down in or raising my arms in (the problem with shift dresses...). Obviously it's not perfect and you can tell I added length at the bottom, but I promise in person at a glance you can't tell ;)

So there you go. Flashback Friday! I wore it two years ago and now I have it again, wearing it almost weekly HAHA! I love it so much. It's a beautiful print! I decided to style the dress in basically the exact same way I wore it on the Daily Dish back in the day. The sash was cute, but I think it looks just as good without it. And I can always make another sash in a different color. :)

hat: H&M || dress: thrifted || booties: Target

Thanks so much for reading this week! I hope you have a great weekend!
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Marli said...

it's perfect. i LOVE it. hope you're having a great weekend, friend.

Night Chayde said...

Looks gorgeous!! I love shift dresses paired with booties. So cute. I need to start adding to my shift dresses so I don't have to walk like a robot.


Gentri said...

YAY! I love this dress on you! It's so much happier now, I'm sure. :)

Bailey B. Stewart said...

teach me your seamstress skillz

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