Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Faceforward with Clinique

Ever since I was a young girl, I feel like I've had a light case of gerascophobia-- the fear of getting old. I remember on multiple occasions seeing older folks getting pushed around a store in a wheelchair or watching my great grandmother getting help so she could eat her food actually made me tear up... Because I didn't want to grow old! 

I know that sounds completely silly, but even now when I think about how I'm turning 24 in four months or when I see the wrinkle by my mouth starting to get deeper, or find a gray hair (it's happened once already), I FREAK OUT. I am scared of "growing up" and getting older. 

Aging is a completely natural and inevitable thing (duh) so I'm learning to just embrace what is to come, and also using beauty products that will keep my skin healthy so that I can face forward to the future and enjoy every moment I have on this earth! Today I'm partnering with Clinique to bring you a few things I plan on doing to keep my soul young and to not be afraid to #FaceForward to the future!

The funny thing is, I don't know why I'm so fearful of starting to "look" old when I get told that I look 16 at least once or twice a month. High school juniors look more mature than I do, so I need to just take a chill pill and not let my gerascophobia get the best of me ;)

Here are a few things I plan on doing to make each moment count for a better future...

Keep my mind active
I'm currently working full time and blogging, and I love it. I love that work and focusing on my blog keep my mind sharp and active. Sure, it's fun to watch television but my work and blog bring a sense of accomplishment to me, which I love. I also want to incorporate reading into my nightly ritual. I love reading a good book and I miss it, since I used to read a lot when I was growing up.

Keep my body active
I've mentioned before that I'm doing my best to go work out at the gym after work. Luckily I have some good friends that encourage me to go almost every day-- and I love the way it makes me feel after I work out. I want to keep this up and not make any excuses to not go. It's so easy to fall out of the workout routine, but I know that being active will only benefit me in the long run!

Be spontaneous
YOLO, am I right?? ha. But seriously. If an opportunity comes up (whether it's a work thing, blog thing, or even just friends asking us to do something fun at the last minute), I want to live for now and just do it. Life is too short to sit at home and worry about the future. 

Be nice to my skin
With Clinique's 3-Step skincare products, I can pamper myself and be proactive in taking care of my skin for my future self. It's important to take care of my skin NOW so that I don't regret it in the future! Their campaign #FaceForward encourages women to look toward what's to come, and that's what I want to do. Rather than worrying about the wrinkles I'm going to get, I want to enjoy each moment so that in 30 years when I do have lots of wrinkles, I can see memories and special moments that were formed with each line and crease.

I sure hope that if I was able to talk to my future self, my future self would be able to check off these things and say I have been living with no regrets! It's so important to take care of ourselves now and quit the worrying so we can enjoy each moment.

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