Monday, June 15, 2015

The One I Was Waiting For

The next worse thing to seeing SOLD OUT on a product you really want to buy online is: WAITLISTED. You never know when the item will come back in stock, or if it even will!

I had this experience a few months ago. I found a skirt online at Forever21 that I was absolutely obsessed with-- but they were all sold out! Luckily I was able to sign up for an alert in case it came back in stock. A month or so went by, and finally I got an email saying it came back in stock. I quickly tried to go on the site, but in an instant they were all sold out AGAIN! So I signed up for the waitlist once more. This pattern actually happened two more times!!! It was so frustrating. I guess a lot of other people had signed up for the waitlist (funny enough-- I found out that my sister in law was also waiting for this skirt, too! HA!). I even went into the store and had Justin help me search for it-- but no luck....

...Until I was on a computer right when I received another email saying this dress was back in stock! And great for me, they were having a free shipping sale that day!!! All the stars aligned and I was able to purchase this beautiful maxi skirt. It's seriously amazing... And was totally worth the wait :-)

 Isn't the pattern so mesmerizingly beautiful? haha I'm obsessed...

hat: H&M || top: thrifted || skirt: F21
Anyways, I am so so so sorry to be blogging about an amazing skirt that is sold out-- I feel kind of bad for anyone else who might want it, but I've found slightly similar skirts here, here, here, here, and here!
Thank you so much for reading today-- have a wonderful MONDAY!! xO
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Erika Dannelly said...

still love this. still sad i don't have it. BUT it looks fantastic on you, so that at least makes me happy! :)

Liv said...

It will be worth the wait because that skirt is fabulous!!


Nicollette Williams said...

gorgeous outfit!

xx nikki

Anonymous said...

Love it! See, patience does pay off... Eventually ;)

- Josephine Jane

Lauryncakes | Lauryn Hock said...

It is beautiful! I love how you styled it as well... Love the determination;)

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