Thursday, May 7, 2015

Primary Colors, Once Again!

Hello hello, lovely ladies! I hope you have all been having a nice week! Unfortunately on Wednesday I kept thinking it was Thursday, so I was super excited it was almost the weekend, haha. But hey, now we just have a day and a half until the weekend...!!

I remember when I first started blogging back in 2011, there were a few huge trends. Pattern mixing, thrifted clothes, and crazy color combinations. I had always thought that red, yellow, and blue were a little too "Fisher-Price"y/clownish and steered clear of it. But I remember the first time I saw a blogger wear primary colors together, my mind. was. BLOWN. I didn't realize those three colors in one outfit could look cute! Since then, I've worn this color combo plenty of times!

red hat // yellow dress // blue purse

Let's take a little throwback Thursday, shall we?

HAHA aww vintage Rachel Sayumi. As you can see, lots of pattern mixing! And thrifting. My shirt on the left and skirt (which was actually a shirt to begin with) were thrifted. I sure do miss the good old days of blogging... before the J Crew bubble necklace and Valentino Rockstud trend. ugh

Anyways, enough reminiscing. Wearing red, yellow, and blue together is fun, and just because it's not 2011 anymore doesn't mean I won't keep wearing the color combo ;)

hat, sandals: LuLu's || vest: JC Penney || dress, purse: Asos 

Thank you for reading today!! Have a happy Thursday. xo
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Nikki Williams said...

that bag is gorgeous!

xx nikki

Bailey B. Stewart said...

i want that dress! Rach I LOVE this look!

Mindy Sue Warren said...

I am in love with this outfit! That dress... I love it!

Bailey B. Stewart said...

it's so fun looking at 'vintage rachel sayumi' pics! I love it! your style now is so dreamy and boho and i just wish i looked like you!

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