Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My New Little Friend

Good morning, friends! I can't believe it's already Wednesday. The past couple days have been so go go go that they seem to have flown by!! 

I want you guys to meet my cute little friend. This is neighborhood kitty-- so gray and so fluffy and so so sweet. I've seen this little nugget wandering around where we live, and it always comes towards me when I walk by! It's soooo nice! :) I'm a total cat lady, and seeing him (?) brings sunshine to my day. I secretly call him Oscar, but who knows, it may be a she. lol

Anyways, I LOVE today's outfit. Maxi skirts/dresses are an essential in my wardrobe, and this striped skirt from Pink Blush fills a void that was in my closet. I had been looking for a pretty neutral and white striped maxi skirt, but never found one.. so I gave up.. then of course I found it at the amazing Pink Blush! I styled the skirt with light layers-- the perfect white tee from Everlane and a chambray vest. How perfect for spring and summer :-)

Oscar is hamming it up for you all. 

Can you see the kitty in the background on the left? HAHAHA

Thank you for reading today! HAPPY WEDNESDAY! xO
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Night Chayde said...

So cute!!


Elisabeth Klassen said...

That kitty is so fluffy. I love cats. Your outfit looks so comfortable by the way.

Diary of Elegance

Kiana Bates said...

Oh my word you look STUNNING and all of the blossoms on that tree!! Everything about these photos are so gorgeous!!

Nikki Williams said...

love that skirt!

xx nikki

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