Monday, March 2, 2015

#BendTheRules with HP x360

This post was created in partnership with HP. All opinions on how it helps me to #BendTheRules are my own. Thank you for your support!

FOUR is a magic number. I believe in efficiency and versatility in all things-- if I can make use of something out of at least four ways, it's a keeper for me! When it comes to clothes, this is huge. It lowers the cost per wear when I can incorporate a certain item in many ways, making my closet go further! An item I've been loving over the past year is my crochet fringe vest. I've worn it in several ways on the blog, like below...

over a short dress (soon to be on the blog!) // over a long dress // over a plain top // over a printed top

Blogging is a big part of my life-- it's definitely my number one hobby! But sometimes it can be hard to balance that with my work, chores, and 'me time' with the rest of my daily grind! The HP Pavilion x360 helps me to keep organized and make the most of the time in my day with its unique features. The HP Pavilion x360 is not your expected personal computer-- in the spirit of bending the rules of technology, it is designed to give you four awesome 'modes' to play in (laptop, tablet, stand, tent). One product, four different ways to use it! Now THAT is efficient!

Of course I love to blog using the HP x360 in laptop mode! I LOVE that it's a touch screen, I feel so fancy swiping back and forth on it :-) 

Another big part of blogging is to be up to date on social media! Whether it's Pinning, Tweeting, reading other blogs, or replying to comments on Instagram, it's important to me to keep that connection with my readers (YOU GUYS! <3) and other bloggers as well. I love to use the HP x360 in tablet mode. It's so easy to hold and be able to rest on the couch while doing this. This is probably my favorite mode! I LOVE that there is a tablet option.

Unfortunately our apartment does not have a dishwasher. Which means we have to do the dishes by hand! Luckily I can use the HP x360 in stand mode to watch funny YouTube clips or listen to the latest tunes while I do the dishes. It makes this bore of a chore go by a lot faster!!

Last but not least I love to catch some me time! My favorite is to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, a treat, and the HP x360 in tent mode to watch some Netflix and get caught up on my favorite TV shows I've missed.

As you can see, The HP Pavilion x360 lets you bend the rules of technology and lets you branch out with its many uses! In the spirit of bending the rules, HP has partnered with Meghan Trainor to document her first-ever tour with "All About That Tour", which is a six episode documentary of "That Bass" Tour made with the help of fans and influencers! Come see how you can bend the rules and make the most of technology with the HP Pavilion x360!
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Laynah said...

Your little blogging/desk station is perfect! One day I will have a designated area in my home to blog. Love your outfits too!

Preeti said...

such cute photos!

xoxo, Preeti

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Love your desk! I'd love a little station like that to blog everyday. Right now it's comin at ya from the kitchen table!

Nikki Williams said...

ahh love that tablet/laptop! looks so versatile!

xx nikki

Julia Holderness said...


Abby said...

Ahh, I want one! All the different modes and set ups are so cool! I love HP products, too.

xo Always, Abby

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