Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Scent Decor with Unstopables

Let's face it, humans don't naturally smell good. But you know what? It's okay because there are so many great products out there that keep us and our surroundings smelling fresh and clean. As a matter of fact, P&G Unstopables are products that you can incorporate into your home not only to keep it smelling great, but to keep it LOOKING great as well. I feel like functional products have come a long ways to actually looking good next to your regular home decor! P&G Unstopables' is a new, crave-worthy collection of air, home, and fabric care products that were made with YOU in mind. They deliver rich, long-lasting and enveloping sensorial experience for scent styling and upscaling one's environment and wardrobe. Unstopables delivers hours of freshness and prestige to your home and the clothes you love to wear!

Unstopables isn't just about lighting a candle, it's about styling your world through Scent Décor-- that finishing, fragrant touch for evoking that elusive, unexpected luxury to one's personal design aesthetic. Scent Décor is a personal scent profile that you can use to style and upscale your environment, whether it's home, linens, office, or even clothes, for long-lasting everyday luxury.

Currently there are three available scents-- Fresh, which is irresistibly light and vibrant. Lush, a fabulous blend of lavender floral and vanilla. And Shimmer, an enticingly fruity and floral scent!

Interior Designers Nate Berkus (have you seen his line at Target?! SO amazing!) & Carlos Huber provide some great tips when it comes to Unstopables and your decor! Nate says that your home is a reflection of your personality and what matters to you. With the new Unstopables collection you can add individual scents or mix and match candles. Make it YOURS! Carlos says that decorating is giving your space personality and scent is the final layer of expression. Every room can have an individual scent, and he encourages that! 

Unstopables Air Refresher is formulated with a unique spray technology that fills the air with sophisticated scents. Use for up to six hours of freshness with each use!

The Unstopables Candle gives off a warm, inviting glow while providing a luxurious, long-lasting sensory experience as it burns.

Unstopables Fabric Refresher provides crave-worthy, long-lasting freshness that elevates the everyday with an elegant scent for your home and fabric. With up to seven days of freshness with each use and its safety on virtually all fabrics, these are a must for your home!

The Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster is AWESOME! It infuses linens, towels, clothes, and other fabrics with sophisticated scents. Justin and I could definitely tell that our clothes smelled amazing after we used these! This product gives you up to 12 weeks of lasting freshness (out of storage).

The Unstopables Scented Oil Warmer + Oil Refill features a double-wick technology that automatically alternates between the two complementary scents that captivate and transforms your environment!

P&G Unstopables offers wonderful home scents and products that can be enjoyed by all around the home at an accessible price. 

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I love using the washer beads. It makes my closet and clothes smell so fresh!


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