Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Day in Bandon, OR

A few weekends ago, the ladies in our church congregation took a trip to Bandon, Oregon for an overnight stay. We stayed in a family owned cabin for a night. I almost didn't go, but I am SO glad I did! Brandon is right near the coast-- West Coast represent! ;) 

Five of us packed in a car on Friday night and said goodbye to our husbands, who all went to go see a movie together. We drove the two hours down to Bandon and got there around 9pm. The night was filled with food, manicures, games, staying up super late, and lots of girl chat! It was seriously so much fun. The cabin had a bunch of rooms with beds, but most of them were taken since we got there late. Luckily there was a big living room that my friends and I took over! Between a mattress, air mattress, and a big couch, we all set up camp for the night.

The next day, most of the ladies that went on this trip drove over to the beach! We went to a place called Face Rock. It's called Face Rock because there is a giant rock that looks like a face (figures, right haha).  The weather was absolutely amazing this weekend! It was actually kind of hot! I had to take my jacket off as we walked along the beach. The sunshine and ocean were seriously good for my soul. After being in cloudy Eugene for the past few months, it was nice to get out of town and enjoy coastal views!
I've made some awesome friends here. So grateful for that.

^Face Rock is to the right of me in this photo... it's semi faded. You can't see the face as well, but you should totally Google it, it DOES look like a face!

Unfortunately since we got to Bandon so late on Friday (darn work!;), we missed the sunset on the beach. I was sooooooo sad! The photos below were taken by my friend Rileigh who was there to see this AMAZING sunset. They are so gorgeous that I just had to share. I mean wow..... I'm speechless! Hopefully someday soon Justin and I will get to come back and see the same thing!

After hanging out at the beach for a while, we made a trip into the "town". I loved it so much. It was just such a cool coastal feel to everything! From the houses to the shops to the people. There were darling little restaurants, tons of docks with boats, a lighthouse a little ways out... It was all just darling. We also went into a local chocolatier. They had samples of every chocolate they had! OMG we totally sampled ourselves silly. HAHA. So good though. I think every store should do that...

Around 2pm we had to head back to Eugene since it was a two and a half hour drive. It was such a fun, memorable trip. I love living in Oregon. 
Until next time . . .
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Nikki Williams said...

looks like fun!!

xx nikki

Bailey B. Stewart said...

So fun - glad you ended up going! The pics are stunning!

Ana Murphy said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish our ward had younger couples... were the youngest newly married couple there with no kids yet and sometimes it's just so hard to connect with people :(

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