Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Leopard Print & Sequins

You know those people who can wear leopard print shoes, a sequin skirt, plaid shirt, fur vest, and lots of jewelry all together? Yeah, that's not me. I'm more simplistic in the way I dress (or at least I like to think so). A little sequin bag and a leopard print pocket is about as crazy as I get when it comes to mixing "blogger trends". But that's how I like it! ;)

I seriously ADORE this top from Pink Blush! The loose and comfy fit, the soft fabric, the leopard print pocket... It is perfect. They also have this top in navy and burgundy, so take your pick! ;) And they're on sale, too!! 

Halfway through the week, people!! Let's end the week STRONG!!!!! ... easier said than done, right?! haha! Thanks for reading today!!

Thanks for reading today! Have a FABULOUS rest of your day!
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Danielle Wallace said...

Simple & cute- I like it :)

Nikki Williams said...

that top is so pretty!

xx nikki

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