Friday, December 12, 2014

Gypsy Soul

This outfit. I could live in it ALL DAY every single day. This outfit is the epitome of my life! A fun pattern, maxi dress, loose, and comfortable. The best part is that it was thrifted! It fit me almost perfectly- I just adjusted the sleeve length and hem length. To spice up the outfit, I added a big silver necklace and silver bracelet. HINT HINT this necklace has been sold out many times, and it's currently re-stocked!! It's one of my favorite necklaces, as you might have noticed on the blog! Don't miss out ;)

Can I just say I am so happy it's the weekend? This week I kind of accidentally bumped into a curb on my way to work after lunch. It popped a big round hole in the side of our tire! Oops!! I'm not strong enough to put on a spare, and we only have one car. Luckily Justin called one of our friends, who happened to be right by my work at the moment! Talk about divine intervention. Him and his wife helped out big time. Even our friend couldn't get the tire off (it was messeddd up), but he called AAA for me and they came to put on our spare. Then Justin biked in the rain to my work so that he could go get new tires (we ended up needing a whole new set anyways. What are the odds, right?) while I finished out my work day. I'm so grateful that Justin is so good to me. He is a trooper!! Hopefully we will be DONE with car troubles. We have taken too many trips to the mechanic this past year. haha. Thanks for reading this week! I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

PS: I was swishing around in this dress when I took my photos via tripod/remote. We were in Boise for Thanksgiving, and my little brother was watching me through the window. He came out and asked, "why are you dancing by yourself?". LOL!!!!! Busted.

dress: thrifted || necklace: Lulu's || bracelet: c/o World Vision
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We Dress Alright said...

I love those outfits that you just feel like YOU in!

Danielle said...

It's a Thrifting Christmas Miracle! I never would have guessed where you got this dress, it looks absolutely beautiful on you!

Sue Figueroa said...

What a score! I Looove thrifting. As a matter of fact, I blogged about home decor ideas, including thrifted items :-)

Nikki Williams said...

that dress is absolutely gorgeous!

xx nikki

Marie A. said...

Gorgeous dress! Now I want one.

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