Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Frills and Thrills with Böhme Boutique

Good morning, friends! How was your Monday? It's always hard getting back to the weekly routine after a relaxing holiday. I'm so sad that the temperatures have been LOW as of late :( I definitely prefer the sunshine. However, on our drive home from Boise on Sunday from my staying with my parents, we stopped by a waterfall about an hour before our apartment. We went there over the summer, and it was so pretty. But on Sunday, the trees around it were covered in snow and ice! It was actually quite magical. Moments like that make me like the snow. Just a little ;)

Over the weekend when we were in Boise, I cozied up in my darling cardigan from Böhme. It is warm and pretty, two essential qualities I need in my winter wardrobe!

Thanks for reading today! have a wonderful day :D
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Sami Simpson said...

Love this outfit Rach!! :) super cute!

Nikki Williams said...

that cardigan is gorgeous!

xx nikki

ensembledeux said...

Such a cute outfit! I love it!!


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