Friday, November 21, 2014

Pinterest Inspired Edgy

As soon as I saw this outfit on Pinterest, I knew that I had to recreate it. I loved the edgy yet comfy look of it. I loved using items I already had to make this outfit (with the exception of the cardigan, which is new and was only $12.... I've been holding to an H&M gift card since my birthday last year, and I FINALLY used it! HAHA!). Edgy isn't really a style that I wear a lot, but it's fun to step outside of my fashion comfort zone from time to time :)

Also, we puppy-sat for one of Justin's classmates a few weekends ago. While it was hard work (I've never owned a dog before!), my favorite part was taking him on walks! It was a great excuse to get outside, and of course, wear out the puppy so he'd take a nap later ;-) ...and also to make sure he didn't potty in our apartment, which may or may not have happened... lol
hat, cardigan: H&M || shirt, necklace: LuLu's || leggings: Windsor || boots: Steve Madden

Thank you for reading this week! Have an AMAZING weekend!!!
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Nikki Williams said...

awh, what a cute pup! and i love those leather leggings!

xx nikki

We Dress Alright said...

Love everything about this outfit!! I wish I could pull hats off!!


Budget Splurge Beauty said...

PUPPY!!!! also cute outfit :) I love the leggings and the look of the long sweater

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