Friday, November 7, 2014

Lady in Ivoire: Mad for Plaid

My Ivoire Dress from Anthropologie is very feminine and dressy. I've been wanting to style it in a more casual way, with my combat boots. After some trial and error (I've worn it in ways that did NOT look good!!), I finally came up with a combination that I really liked!

I love the flannel-meets-lace of this outfit. I think this casually girly look creates an interesting contrast :-) I saw this flannel shirt hanging on a mannequin at H&M, and I knew right away that it would be coming home with me (it also helped that I had a gift card, HA!). I LOVE the jade green color. It is so rich and fall-tastic! ;) Also, it's suuuper soft. Bonus points. And yes, I wore this shirt on the blog yesterday as well. Whoops!

 I think I look like Julie Andrews in 'Sound of Music' here, lol
hat, shirt: H&M || Dress: Anthropologie || boots: Steve Madden

Have a happy happy Friday! xO
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Stories of Kel said...

Wahhh this makes me miss deciduous trees. So cute Rach!

Bailey B. Stewart said...

those leaves are fantastic! And you look great, Rach!

Nikki Williams said...

love that hat!

xx nikki

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