Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dressed Down

After being unemployed for two months, I almost forgot what it was like to have to 'dress up' every day. Luckily I landed a job that respects Casual Fridays, which I am ever so grateful for!! I do love dressing up, but sometimes it's nice to just slip on them old blue jeans, a sweater, and a big old scarf and head to the office. One more day until Friday...!

Also, Oregon is so stinkin' cloudy that my photos are not turning out as I like :( the struggle is real, guys.

Thank you SO much for reading today! Have an amazing Thursday! :) 
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Purposely at Home said...

so. stinkin'. cute. and YOUR HAIR. <3

Bailey B. Stewart said...

your hair looks FANTASTIC!

Sue Figueroa said...

You look adorable with that hair up like that!
The scarf is gorgeous, love how it stands out.

Katie said...

so cute!!! i miss working and dressing up!

Nikki Williams said...

i love that scarf!!
xx nikki

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