Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday // Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

B L A C K  F R I D A Y // C Y B E R  M O N D A Y  is fast approaching, which means it is time to start planning and strategizing your game plan for the crazy weekend. Whether you're shopping for yourself or for a loved one, making a few rules and guidelines for yourself so that the chaos doesn't drive you crazy. I've had my fair share of BFCM shopping, and I want to share some of my wisdom with you all! Keep in mind that I am the kind of person who would rather avoid lines and huge crowds ;)
Make a list ahead of time
If you just go shop to shop, you will most definitely overspend on things you really didn't need or want. Oh, that amazing sequin robe is 15% off? Well, how often will you wear it? Really think about if the things you are buying are things you will use, wear, or love for a long time... or not! It's no fun to spend money on something for it to just sit in storage, even if you got a good deal on it. Knowing what you want or need ahead of time helps you to keep your shopping sights set and focused.
If it's love at first sight, indulge (reasonably)

Sure, buyer's remorse is a real thing, but so is non-buyer's remorse. Have you ever not purchased something you REALLY loved, then it went out of stock? Or your size ran out? Or the color you wanted sold out? It sure is a bummer when you miss out on an opportunity on something you fell in love with. When I know I love something, I can't stop thinking about it (even after I go do other things), I think in my head the many ways I could use it, and it makes my heart jump. Of course, if it is SUPER pricey, I be careful, but I've for sure had instances where I missed out on something cute that is one-of-a-kind because I ignored my intuitions.

Know the return policy
GRRR! It's frustrating when you get something, and realize you can't return it. Black Friday and Cyber Monday can make for some impulse decisions, but if you don't know the return policy in advance, you could be stuck with products that are mediocre or something you actually don't like as much after you stepped away from the shiny SALE sign. It takes just a couple minutes to figure out what the return policy is, so make sure you know! OR do you research on a particular store you like ahead of time. 
Have moral support
It's always good to go with someone for Black Friday shopping, or have someone you can text photos to when you're shopping for something. It is always nice to have a second set of eyes to help you decide whether something is just eh, or ooh! This will help you to avoid purchasing items that don't fit your style!
Whether you are a Black Friday shopper or a Cyber Monday shopper (or both!), these tips will help you to survive the weekend! One place worth checking out is Office Depot OfficeMax. They will offer their lowest prices ever this weekend, and offer a variety of products to choose from. Their deal center will help you find what products you should be keeping your eyes on.
Have a safe weekend, and use my tips when you're out and about or in for the win!
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