Friday, October 24, 2014

Card Again

For the past two years, I've had my go-to "interview outfit". It consists of: a white blouse + my black pencil skirt. I feel like it's classy and you can't go wrong with a simple outfit like this! On this particular day that I had an interview, I wore this outfit. Then I got home, and didn't feel like changing. But it was cold.... So I threw on this cardigan. And I LOVED the look! I wouldn't wear this cardigan to an interview, but hey I still love the blush/black/white/SEQUIN combination of the outfit. This cardigan is J. Crew, and it was only $15! Why was it so inexpensive? Because I thrifted it from TWICE, an online thrifting hub! It is seriously like a treasure hunt every time I look a their page. they sell brand names for a fraction of the cost, and I love that! I normally don't shop at J. Crew a ton, but when a cute cardigan that has sequins was only fifteen bucks... Well, then I'm okay with it ;) But be warned, you snooze you lose. There were a few other cute items I saw, but when I tried to add it to my cart... Boom, snagged by someone else! Go on your own treasure hunt on Twice! 

Also, fun story with this skirt. I got it many moons ago (aka four or five years ago) at TJ Maxx. The zipper was broken, so I convinced the sales clerk to give me a discount. I'm pretty sure I got it for about seven bucks. I fixed up the zipper, and I have now worn this skirt MANY many many times! While I'm at it, this cute blouse is one I got in Japan two years ago, and it was less than $10. I love thrifty outfits!

thrifted via Twice || blouse: Japan || skirt: TJ Maxx, old || heels: LuLu's
THANK YOU for reading on this lovely Friday! Have an amaaaazing weekend! xO
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Abby said...

Love the sparkly sequins and the pop of blue in the heels! Very classy!

xo Always, Abby

Becky M said...

Oh my gosh I am in love with this outfit! Love the sequins and the blue heels!

Holly Olivia said...

That cardigan is gorgeous, what a lucky find.

Stories of Kel said...

so cute rachel!

bridget anne said...

So cute on you, sweet little lady. ; )

Nikki Williams said...

i love that cardigan!

xx nikki

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