Monday, September 15, 2014

Three Ways to Help You Drink More H20
with Nestle Water via Walmart

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For the past three months, I have been on a little journey to a healthier me. It has been truly amazing to see changes for the better in my body, daily energy, and overall happiness! I truly attribute a big chunk of my success so far to... drinking lots and lots of WATER. It is so important to stay hydrated, and drink enough water on a daily basis. For me personally, it has helped to clear up my skin, helped me from getting sick, and helps to curb unnecessary hunger.

After moving to Oregon, we noticed something... The tap water is not so great. It's not fun drinking water that doesn't taste great. Lucky for us, Walmart sells Nestle bottled waters for a great price-- Specifically, Arrowhead brand here in Oregon. 

Today I want to talk about the three big ways we drink more water on the daily. They are small and easy changes, but have a huge effect on my water drinking habits!
I LOVE having my cute little water tumbler with me! It makes drinking water more appealing (sounds funny, but it's true!), and drinking through a straw makes me drink MORE. I love adding a few ice cubes in the tumbler so my water is nice and cold. I love being able to just pour a bottle of Arrowhead water into my tumbler and drink away!
I personally don't drink much soda or juice (only on special occasions), but I know a lot of you guys.... do (Diet Coke, anyone?). Justin loves soda, but we try not to have it in our refrigerator too often. It might be hard at first, but by replacing the soda cans and bottles in your fridge with bottled water will basically force you to drink water ;) I drink a meal replacement shake 1-2 times a day, and I used to just mix the powder with milk. But now, I use half milk and half water. I know is better for my health, hydration, and I don't have to buy milk as often.
When I was in college and even in high school, I always tried to carry a water bottle with me. Just having the water on your desk or in your backpack, cup holder in the car, etc, will make you want to drink it. For me, I know that just having the water with me somehow made me thirsty! It's because your body constantly does want hydration, but maybe you don't realize it until you see it. How many times have you been walking somewhere, saw a drinking fountain, and realized you were thirsty? Same concept. Having the water bottles ready to go in our fridge helps Justin to take it to law school. This way he can stay hydrated and focus on his school work!
BONUS MINI TIP: Keep several bottles chilled in the fridge! It just looks so tasty in there, and I love chilled water! While it's great to have water bottles in the fridge, I would love to see Arrowhead 5 gallon bottles sold at Walmart as well. It is PET plastic, which is BPA free. It's also great for the environment, because the bottle can be returned for refilling and ultimately recycling! We drink water for dinner often, and it would be convenient to be able to pour great tasting water into our cups for supper.

So there you have it. Three simple ways to help with your daily hydration! I encourage all of your guys to get hydrated every single day-- there are so many benefits to it, and you will feel so great about yourself! You can find Arrowhead water bottles at your local Walmart.

Be sure to check out Arrowhead on their social media sites as well!
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Arrows & Apricots said...

Drinking water is SO hard for me sometimes because I just want a coke. It definitely helps though if I have my fridge stocked with water bottles, and of course having a cute tumblr makes drinking water more fun. Great tips!

Krystal A. said...

This totally made me thirsty. :) Thanks for the tips!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the great tips! It definitely makes it easier to make the choice of water over another beverage when there is a nice, chilled bottle readily available! #client

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