Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sagittarius Baby

Little personalized details in jewelry is one of my favorite things. It makes me so happy! There is something so sweet and special about a charm, an initial, a number, or a stone that represents you or someone you love! I have a bracelet and ring that have a topaz stone on it (November birthstone - for Justin & myself), I have several "R" charmed jewelry, "J" charmed jewelry, and now I've added something new to my collection... A sagittarius necklace! Sagittarius is my zodiac symbol. Fun fact: Most November babies are scorpio, but my birthday (23rd) happens to be the first day of November sagittarius babies (so fascinating, yes?).

For today's outfit I wore a simple dress (last seen on the blog here - and funny enough, I'm wearing my "J" necklace in that post) for a simple look! I love how the gold necklace, belt chain, and my bracelet tied everything together. My necklace is from Fifth and Mae. If you haven't already taken a gander at Fifth and Mae's amazing jewelry, you MUST today! Now! Like, click right now! They have the prettiest jewels in the best quality for the lowest prices I have ever seen!

So... What's your sign? ;) tell me yours, I'll tell you mine...
dress: Sexy Modest Boutique || necklace: c/o Fifth and Mae

Thank you for reading today! Have a great one! xO
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Christina Storm said...

LOVE that dress on you! Gorgeous!
The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Nikki Williams said...

love this simple look! you are so pretty.



Janelle said...

Cute! That dress is so darling on you :)


Cherish Kirsten said...

Love the dress. Nice outfit.



Sue Figueroa said...

That color Looks amazing with your skin tone

stylishbookworm said...

We have the same birthday! I'm obsessed with personalized jewelery right now and have been looking for a Sagittarius pendant. Thanks for sharing!


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